About Us

At Envision Digital, our mission is to connect a fragmented world of technology and build a connected experience.  With billion of devices, sensors and applications out there, Envision Digital task is to bring "the disrupted" and re-invented applications on the same platform.  With a fragmented silo technology world today, Envision Digital has this solved with our EnOS Intelligent IoT platform, an operating system that integrates applications, sensor technology and information together to re-define the "New" experience.

We are brilliant and passionate technologist who believe we can make a difference to the world; Agile Developers and Solution Architects who are redesigning platform experience on IOT, Smart Building Experts, who learn and create better spaces and urban living to explore and play, Energy Guru's who continue to break the world of centralized energy to the edge and electrifying, Meteorologist who turns weather forecasting solutions beyond predictions and data scientist reshaping the world with data.

Envision Digital is here to unleash new potential of energy transformation into the ecosystem, creating a brave new world that is redesign at scale with information, experience and technology.  This is a promise to help organization and people exploit the potential to improve our quality of life, own our sustainable living and create a better connect world we envision to work, live, play and have fun in.