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About Us

ETS Solutions is formed by an experienced team of engineers with various professional experiences in the vibration and shock testing industry.

With more than five decades of expertise in the business, we’ve created our own line of efficient instruments and tools to alleviate the need of several industries that include aerospace, defence, automotive, consumer electronics, locomotive, construction and more.

Our solutions are specified as follows:

  • Vibration Testing Systems - wide range of vibration testing systems to simulate the operating and field environment dynamic conditions.
  • Environmental Test Chambers - wide range of environmental testing chambers including temperature & humidity chamber, thermal shock chamber, high temperature and temperature & altitude chamber. All systems comply with internationals standards such as MIL, IEC, ISO etc.
  • Condition Monitoring System - range of instrumentations and condition monitoring services for the industrial and energy sectors to assist facilities manager in carry out predictive maintenance program.
  • Shock Testing Systems - carry out high shock acceleration to establish product quality and structural integrity during impact.
  • Engineering Services - Our Engineering Services counts on its global team of over 100 multi-lingual engineers to help customers optimize product designs and address tough engineering challenges.
  • Training Courses - Basic and advanced training courses designed for engineers and technicians new to the subjects as vibration testing and durability testing.