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Ezion Holdings Limited (EZION) is the parent holding company for the subsidiaries in asset ownership or managing and operating companies, publicly listed in the SGX Main Board of the Singapore Stock Exchange. Moreover, EZION is financially strong and coupled with a team of astute and experienced management executives, with a conservative policy of incorporating a balance of debt and equity while maintaining a healthy amalgamate of current assets against liabilities.     
Field experts – An experienced management team with specialists that include veterans with excellent track records in the offshore marine logistics and support services industry. Our engineers are dedicated, knowledgeable, and fully-equipped to administer the most demanding offshore operations.
Financially Strong – Ezion Holdings Limited is a publicly-listed company on the SGX Main Board of the Singapore Stock Exchange. We keep a very healthy current ratio and liquidity level, and capital for additional projects can be raised readily with divestments from our prospective subsidiaries.
Niche Market Operator – Our assets like the Jack-up Liftboats propel us to be at the forefront of the offshore industry, be it technological advantage, services or costs. Our wide range of vessels and barges allow us to execute the most intricate of tasks at hand: ballastable or even submersible operation requirements.