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Can our children learn 100x, 1000x faster than us?

This is the question we are obsessed with for the past 5 years.  The answer is our A.I. Edtech solution, Geniebook®, which helps students excel in exams in the shortest time by working on an optimised sequence of smart questions.

Geniebook® is a patented A.I. multi-platform application that can generate personalised worksheets based on an individual student's weaknesses at a click of the fingers, on any computer or mobile device. This enables each student to practice specifically on questions that target their own weaknesses within a subject level, at their individual pace of learning.

Other than increasing the students' efficiencies by channelling their effort on concepts they are already strong in towards those they are weak on, Geniebook also covers a very important area of a student's regular practice and learning, allowing teachers to focus on the art of teaching itself.