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Global Enterprise Exchange Pte Ltd (GEX) is set up to help entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors strengthen their profit, advantage and growth through listing their company on the stock exchange; mergers and acquisition; training and consultancy; investment and asset management.

GEX works with its associated companies and is currently helping more than ten companies to be listed on a stock exchange. It is also actively involved in providing critical services for merger and acquisition processes.

GEX trains more than 1000 entrepreneurs and investors per year in the areas of leadership, business management, investment, and financial investment. Through its network of clients, GEX is involved in more than 100 acquisitions and investment of various business and investment assets per year.
GEX is currently on an exciting growth phase, and we are looking to hire candidates who meet the following criteria:
1. Commitment
Committed to love and lead the company, staff and associates and turn it into a model for the industry and business community.
2. Character
Believe in and willing to support high standards of integrity, ethos, and values.
3. Competence
Ability to plan, lead, and organize things; having background in financial investment, asset management, and wealth creation will be an added advantage.
4. Cohesion
Have an employer mindset, taking ownership of the business and strengthening its model, profit, advantage and growth. Work as a team to help each other to learn, improve, grow, and achieve ever-improving results.
5. Care and Concern
Deliver the highest possible values to our colleagues, customers and collaborators in the value chain.
Contribute to fulfill worthwhile causes for our community and country, and if possible, for other countries and crisis relief efforts as we have done in the past.
If you fulfill the above criteria, please send your resume to us at [email protected]