About Us

Graphene Services Pte. Ltd.

Graphene was founded with a simple vision: to build decision tools which transform the way senior leaders make easy and robust data based decisions. It was also born with a vision to provide passionate individuals a nurturing ecosystem to create works of excellence that would become their legacy.

If you want to get the adrenaline rush of the startup world, why not experience the very best in Singapore?

Graphene’s innovative healthcare solutions, which combine technology, analytics and smart devices has made it the fastest growing healthcare startup in Asia. Led by a team of ex-Microsoft and P&G leaders, what makes Graphene a success story is its people. And we are here to recruit the best, who are passionate about impact, startups and healthcare.

Our Culture

Our folks will tell you that, on the journey with Graphene, they have experienced a very different work environment.  Everybody on the team is required to challenge the status quo, empowered to make decisions to drive customer delight and trusted to work flexible hours and locations.  With a high level of coaching and direct interaction with senior leadership in client organizations, we aren’t just building the world-class team of today, we are enabling the careers of tomorrow.

"We are not looking for employees, we are not looking for interns, we are looking for people to join our community"

A community…that believes that delighting our clients is the only way to success. A community that demonstrates thought and people leadership. A community which believes in collaboration, mutual respect and in almost no hierarchy.

Growing with us

We are expanding and are looking for talent who can quickly grow to global roles with large responsibility in almost no time.