About Us

Hai Sia, translated from Teochew, means the sound of the sea. From her humble beginnings in 1976 as a hawker stall at Mei Ling Street,Hai Sia has grown to be a familiar establishment at Jurong Fishery Port. Today, Hai Sia is a HACCP-certified company that is involved in both the fresh and frozen seafood trade. Hai Sia provides integrated services including processing , packaging, deep-freezing and cold storage.

The seafood industry isa very special place to be, and this is more so at Hai Sia Seafood, a company thatis at the crossroads of a transformational change. Food is a large part of our lives - it is a form of sustenance for some, and an art for others. Seafood promises boundless possibilities, in terms of quality, sources, seasons, cooking styles and presentations. Above all, we believe this craft, so close to our hearts, should be shared with more people.

Just as the mastery of seafood is a craft, a huge part of this transformational change hinges on seeking and developing like-minded people. People who enjoy food as much as we do, people who believe in value-creation as much as we do, and people who believe that better things can come if we put our hearts into perfecting our work.