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About Us:

MQ Spectrum is a premier Pan-Asian provider of wide-sprectrum technological solutions. Capitalizing on the prevalence of Mobile Technology made popular by iOS and Android platforms, the Mobile Market has seen continued growth and demonstrated a strong potential for growing innovation. MQ Spectrum has been actively developing a bleeding edge mobile social collaboration platform and piloted the platform with market leaders in Defence, Education and Business sectors. Our technologies empowers users to share and exchange knowledge in a secure environment by embracing use of mobile technologies to deliver latest news and information to our customers securely.


Equal Opportunities Employment:

At MQ Spectrum, we believe in the value of diversity and how a multi-cultural environment encourages exchange of ideas and culture. We actively support diversity & life balance and is committed to ensuring that all individuals are shown respect; everyone is treated fairly; and that each individual is valued. We are an equal opportunities employer and give every single employee equal treatment regardless of race, language, religion and disability.