About Us

Effective 1st October 2014, NetLink Trust owns the fibre network which is the foundation of Singapore’s Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (Next Gen NBN), part of the Intelligent Nation 2015 or iN2015 master plan powered by infocomm.

NetLink Trust represents the birth of a new, single entity that brings together the core fibre infrastructure and resources which includes the ducts and manhole network and central offices necessary to support the Next Gen NBN roll-out. As the first layer in the three-tiered industry structure, the integration aims at building synergies and improving service standards to all downstream operators, and ultimately, to the end-users of fibre services.

We are committed to open and equal access and to working closely with the downstream operators and IMDA. We believe in a fair and neutral environment for all operators to enable unbounded innovations and services on this ultra-high speed fibre network.

With nation-wide fibre coverage already achieved, NetLink Trust will continue to lead Singapore’s transformation into an Intelligent Nation in partnership with the industry and IMDA.