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RONGDATECH PTE. LTD. is a company wholly owned by Rong Da China. The parent company was established in China in 2010. It is a leading Internet and Software technology company in China, and one of the national Internet+ demonstration enterprises. The main business of Rong Da China is on Software Development and Software Service Consultancy. Its business domain covers big data, cloud computing, application development, mobile app development, IT training and education, and financial technology. It also provides outstanding IT services to clients, develop applications and systems for them, and support their systems globally 24 * 7.


In China, Rong Da China is working with more than 100 companies and institutes. Internationally, it has built strong relationship with multiple famous companies. It has offices in several cities in China and in Hong Kong. 


In recent years, Rong Da China has been aligning its strategic direction to focus heavily in Financial Technology area. In order to further expand its Financial Technology business, Rong Da China decided to split out the Financial Technology sector as an wholly owned company headquartered in Singapore. It plans to build RONGDATECH PTE. LTD. to be the world leading Financial Technology company to provide Financial Platforms, Systems, and IT Services to financial industry, especially in APAC area.

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