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About Us


TAESUNG SNI provides unparalleled BIM services based on expertise acquired through conducting 100+ projects around the globe, exceeding all expectations and international standards.


Virtual Construction

TAESUNG SNI's unique virtual reality system offers customers the most effective and efficient way to review their construction plan (BD), conduct safety reviews (real-time), perform clash detections, and find alternative ways (construction methods) to reduce cost and improve timeline.


Research and Development

TAESUNG SNI co-developed Korea's first "Virtual Substantive Experimentation Facility (BIM Room)" with the Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology, and is currently leading BIM and VC R&D in Korea. 


Main Services

- 3D BIM Design Review

- 3D BIM Construction Planning

- 3D BIM Modelling

- 3D Fabrication Modelling & Shop Drawing

- Web based 4D / 5D BIM System

- Construction Equipment Management System

- Safety Management System (Avatar)