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About Us

Tasek Jurong Limited (the “Company”) is a non­profit organization incorporated on 14 December
2014. It is located at 1 Yung Sheng Road, #03­06 Jurong Town Community Club, Singapore
The mission of the Company is to support and help uplift the beneficiaries, the socially
disadvantaged, who include, but are not limited to, ex­inmates, youth at risk, single parents, the
needy and disabled and their families. Further, the Company has established the following
(a) to develop innovative and/or customised solutions to support, uplift and assist its
(b) to identify and create meaningful and fulfilling employment and other opportunities for our
(c) to mentor and train our beneficiaries;
(d) the advancement of learning;
(e) the advancement of community development;
(f) the advancement of arts, heritage and culture;
(g) to provide grants, aid and/or assistance towards and/or in furtherance of any of the objects
     of the Company;
(h) to aid, assist and give relief in any manner and to any extent to any charitable institution
     whose object/s are similar to or comparable with the objects of the Company; and
(i) to carry out any other objects that are of a charitable, benevolent or philanthropic nature
    howsoever defined, as the Company may deem appropriate.