About Us

Unisoft Infotech is a leading provider of integrated business solutions based on SAP. The solutions leverage the use of industry expertise and leading edge technologies to focus on delivering innovative solutions to clients globally.

Unisoft Infotech has offices and operations in Singapore and India and served customers in Asia-Pacific, Middle-East-Asia, Africa, and USA. Unisoft is a knowledge leader in several industry verticals.

Established in 1996 Unisoft has been associated with over 200 projects in 12 countries. With over 1500 man-years of knowledge base and extensive experience in serving big organizations and MEs in the region, Unisoft is built on the pillars of innovation, quality and customer service.

Unisoft Infotech has strong skills, experience and knowledge in improving business competiveness of the customers by implementing ensuring perfect processes with automation using ERP solution and beyond.

Unisoft Infotech is a pioneer in SAP implementations in the mid market and was the first to sign the ME partnership agreement, to deliver strategic functional and consulting services to Mid-market customers in India, Taiwan & Singapore. With several certified, successfully implemented solutions and certified support infrastructure, Unisoft Infotech is a leading enterprise solutions partner.