Umami Foods Pte Ltd

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F&B Management Trainee

  Company :     Working Hours :  

Shift works / 50 - 60 hours a week

  Job Type :  

Full Time

  Salary :  

$1,600 - $2,200 / monthly

Job Description

Ensure deliver of Quality Food Service to Customers Service.

Monitor critical concerns in service and develop action plans for implementation

Display good customer relations and manifest through product knowledge

Ensure customer satisfaction as they leave the restaurant

Handles customer complain effectively and efficiently

Double check quality of food items before serving

Food Quality

Prepare feedback, recommendation and suggestion to Kitchen Manager as to the improvement of food quality

Ensure availability of stocks and quality of food before serving to guests

Monitor and document spoilages, wastes and other food concerns

Ensure store compliance to menu standards


Check and monitor store preparation prior to opening throughout the shift

Ensure cleanliness and orderliness of the Dining and kitchen area at all times

Monitor proper garbage disposal and ensure cleanliness throughout the shift


Preparation and prompt attendance to daily maintenance concerns

Ensures immediate action on maintenance requirements of the store. Seek approval on PO for job out contractors

Prepare and implement action plans on any building and equipment concern noted or any customer complaint

People Management

Monitor employees schedule, approve leave applications and change of schedule

Submit manpower request ton HR for replacement & new position

Impose employee discipline at the store by administering disciplinary measure to erring employees

Monitor contract expiration in coordination with HR

Orient and train new hired employees assigned in the store

Monitor, evaluate and confirm OJT”s (dining & kitchen)

Conducts briefing with dining and kitchen staff prior to opening

Cost/Waste Control

Monitor food and bar cost by ensuring daily compliance to SOP’s on inventory/purchasing controls and schedule

Check par stock against sales and consumptions

Implement control measures to minimize pilferage, losses, discrepancies, breakages and wastages

Cash Control

Conducts sales reading when on closing shift

Ensure timely deposit of daily sales and proper disbursement of funds for authorized users

Ensure that loose change fund is maintained intact and is not used for other purposes

Control the petty cash fund and make sure that policies on disbursement are strictly complied with

Reports/Documents for Submission


Customer count breakages

Report on customer complaints

Bank deposit on daily sales

Beginning/ending inventory

Cashier’s report duty noted by OM


Wastage/Breakage Report


Monthly inventory report

Shift schedule for the month

Responsible for the store’s overall day to day operations, ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency. Maintains and ensure quality standards and profitability performance of store outlet assigned to him/her. Responsible for the development and supervision of the store work team and acts as the over-all unit head.

 Location: Suntec City, Singapore.  How to get there?

 Location: Suntec City, Singapore.

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