Singapore-ETH Centre (SEC)

The Singapore-ETH Centre for Global Environmental Sustainability (SEC) was established in Singapore in 2010 as a joint initiative between ETH Zurich and Singapore’s National Research Foundation (NRF), as part of the NRF’s CREATE campus. The SEC is an institution that frames a number of research programmes, the first of which is the Future Cities Laboratory (FCL), followed by the Future Resilient Systems (FRS).

The SEC aims to strengthen the capacity of Singapore and Switzerland to research, understand and actively respond to the challenges of global environmental sustainability. It is motivated by an aspiration to realise the highest potential for present and future societies. SEC serves as an intellectual hub for research, scholarship, entrepreneurship, postgraduate and postdoctoral training. It actively collaborates with local universities and research institutes and engages researchers with industry to facilitate technology transfer to benefit the public.

Strongly supported by the ETH Zurich Departments of Architecture (DArch) and Engineering (DBaug) from its onset, FCL exhibits prominent architectural and engineering features.

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Junior Research Assistant - Cognition, Perception, and Behaviour in Urban Environments (Future Citie

  Company :     Working Hours :  

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Full Time

  Salary :  

$3,500 - $4,500 / monthly

Job Description

ETH Zurich is one of the leading universities of the world with a strong focus on science and engineering. In 2010 it established the Singapore-ETH Centre (SEC) in collaboration with the National Research Foundation (NRF) to do interdisciplinary research on pressing problems.

The Singapore-ETH Centre is home to a community of doctoral, postdoctoral and professorial researchers working in three main programmes: Future Cities Laboratory, Future Resilient Systems, and Future Health Technologies. The centre provides a multicultural and interdisciplinary environment to researchers working on diverse themes, with the shared vision of translating research to practical solutions for more sustainable and liveable cities, resilient physical and social urban systems, and patient-centric healthcare systems.

The project involves the study of pedestrian behaviour in large-scale urban environments, with a focus on conducting behavioural wayfinding experiments. The project involves fieldwork outdoors, interaction with people as part of data collection and analysis of behavioural decision making data.

We are looking for a highly motivated recent graduate, interested in working in an interdisciplinary environment at the intersection of cognitive psychology, behavioural geography and urban planning, and keen to learn about spatial cognition research. The project tasks involve conducting a wayfinding & navigation experiment in various complex commercial buildings in Singapore.

Job Description:

Main tasks will include 

• Participant recruitment and scheduling;

• Conduct behavioural experiments;

• Data collection, data processing and reporting.

Key selection Criteria:


• We are looking for a highly motivated Singaporean or Singapore PR with a Bachelor degree in Psychology, Cognitive or Behavioural Science, Geography or other relevant background;

• Strong interest in behavioural research or spatial cognition;

• Understanding of statistics, and basic knowledge of R.


• Experience in behavioural experiments with human participants;

• Basic IT experience & willingness to learn new software as necessary;

• Working knowledge of GIS / CAD software.

 Location: 1 CREATE WAY 138602.  How to get there?

 Location: 1 CREATE WAY 138602.

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