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Sports Instructor

  Company :     Working Hours :  

5.5 work week, weekends included

  Job Type :  

Full Time

  Salary :  

$1,800 - $2,400 / monthly

Job Description

* Full-Time Inline Skating Instructor *

If you are someone who wants to pick up inline skating, enjoys inline skating, teaching and interacting with people, this job is for you! Be an inline skating coach!

Here in Alpha Skates, we not only teach inline skating skills. 

We seek to inspire learners to pick up inline skating as a sport, hobby and even as a mode of transport for all ages.

We believe that teaching our young minds how to inline skate not only improves their motoring skills, but also improves their overall coordination and acts as a foundation for all other sports. 

We strongly believe that by teaching our learners how to skate, our coaches will also improves their confidence and better their understanding of this sport. 

  • To foster the growth of inline skating as a safe & fun activity for people of all ages
  • To take part in lesson planning and be able to provide constructive feedback for learners
  • To plan, coach, monitor, assess and grade student progress on an ongoing basis
  • To understand the importance of maintaining our rental equipments and teaching materials 
  • Take part in the planning of logistics and administrative tasks of running an inline skating school
  • To build a dynamic community of inline skaters in Singapore
  • Planning of bi-yearly event such as Night Skating, Skating in Urban Conditions, Skate Camps and more
  • To project a professional, confident and caring image as a coach

Benefits of Joining Us:

  • A free pair of inline skates* (worth $199)
  • Pay ranges from $20 per session (after completing a Competency Test conducted by senior coaches) *Certified Coaches can command higher pay* (Average daily salary of $80)
  • Sponsored course to get certified by an international body, recognised worldwide in places such as United States, Switzerland, China, Indonesia, Australia and Singapore.
  • An Industrial Attachment position will be offered to applicants who displayed good attitude.


  • Enjoys interaction with people
  • Have a good attitude in life
  • Believes in lifelong learning 
  • Teaching on both weekends 

Applicants without prior skating experience or a pair of inline skates may apply. Training will be provided by senior coaches.

 Location: 158 Kallang Way, Singapore 349245.  How to get there?

 Location: 158 Kallang Way, Singapore 349245.

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