Twitter has changed the way people communicate. Now we have a substantial opportunity to change how marketers interact with our growing user base. Twitter is creating a world-class team of media professionals, and seeking talent to develop our business with advertisers and their agencies.   

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Data Engineer

  Company :     Working Hours :  

  Job Type :  

Full Time

  Salary :  

$8,000 - $12,000 / monthly

Job Description

Who We Are:

Twitter users generate many terabytes of data every day; Twitter engineers run hundreds of experiments; Twitter Data Engineers build data pipelines and data processes that calculate metrics and scale increasingly sophisticated models of users and content.The Data Science team at Twitter is at the intersection of all this data and strives to make it actionable to all business units around Twitter. Data Engineers work alongside Data Scientists analyze this data via observational analyses, trend analyses, modeling, and new measurement strategies. We also implement metrics to track the impact of new product experiments and more generally find ways to make very large scale data approachable to guide our decisions.

What You’ll Do:

Twitter has very large and complex datasets. As a Twitter Data Engineer you will build datasets and make them accessible to our partner teams by writing great production code to simplify the complexity. Your work will enable Product Managers and other decision-makers across the company to bring together insights and inform our product and strategy. In every decision that you influence, you will see the product improve and be more valuable to Twitter users.We are trying to improve Twitter. To improve something, we need to be able to measure it. As a Data Engineer you will enable better measurements and ensure measurement accuracy so that we know where we are doing well and where we want to improve.

As such, you will:
Design, develop, and launch extremely efficient and reliable data pipelines to move data and to provide intuitive analytics to our partner teams.
Make Twitter-scale data more discoverable and easy to use for Data Scientists and Analysts across the company.
Collaborate with other engineers and Data Scientists to discover the best solutions.
Support your colleagues by reviewing code and designs.
Diagnose and solve issues in our existing data pipelines and envision and build their successors.

Who You Are:

You want to be part of a community of the most talented, forward-thinking Data Scientists and Engineers in the industry. You are a strong Scala or Java developer. You demonstrate clear and concise communication and data-driven decision-making.You are passionate about learning or growing your expertise in some or all of the following:
Data Pipelines
Data Warehousing
Metrics Development

B.S. and/or M.S. in Computer Science or a related technical field, or equivalent experience
2+ years of experience in either data infrastructure or backend systems
Strong understanding of SQL
Broad knowledge of the data infrastructure ecosystem
Experience with Hadoop or other MapReduce-based architectures
Experience working with large data volumes
Good understanding of one or more of the following: Scala, C++, or Java

Experience with any of the following is a plus:
Full Stack Development
Presto or Hive

 Location: 10 COLLYER QUAY OCEAN FINANCIAL CENTRE 049315.  How to get there?


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