Logistics Associate Job Description

What does a Logistics Associate do?

Logistics associates help in the administration of a company's logistics systems. They are employed by a variety of retail, shipping, and warehousing businesses to maintain and manage product and material inventories. Logistics associates are mainly responsible for managing the distribution of incoming and exiting goods, storage, delivery, and inspection. In addition to this, they also interact with customers and third-party service providers. Updating the digital database for easier tracking is also done by Logistics Associates. Their job might vary depending on the commodities they handle and the area in which they operate. For an organization to run smoothly, the logistics system must function effectively. Therefore, the overall job of a Logistics Associate is to manage purchasing, warehousing, distribution, forecasting, customer service and any other daily operations.

Responsibilities of a Logistics Associate

Some of the expected duties to be performed by a Logistics Associate include:
• Strategically planning and managing logistics • Ordering, tracking, and reporting inventory and deliveries • Reviewing and verifying product details, including price, weight, and labelling • Updating the digital database of shipment details • Maintaining third-party warehouse inventory • Responding to shipment complaints like lost items and damages • Coordinating with suppliers and vendors for ensuring timely delivery • Tracking shipment status • Inspecting the products upon arrival • Maintaining a proper record of cleared and pending invoices • Preparing regular inventory reports • Cleaning and organizing sales and stock areas • Addressing problems and queries of customers • Performing general clerical tasks like filing, faxing, and copying documents • Assisting logistics coordinators, warehouse specialists, and other team members

Requirements of a Logistics Associate

The desirable qualifications for the position of a Logistics Associate are:
• Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, Logistics, Supply Chain or similar discipline • Previous experience of working in Logistics Industry • Proficiency in standard logistics software • Knowledge of MS Office • Excellent negotiation skills • Strong written and verbal communication skills • High physical strength and endurance

Keys skills to become a Logistics Associate

A Logistics Associate should possess the following critical skills:
• Excellent customer service skills • Ability to work for long hours and lift heavy products • Strong analytical and mathematical skills • Good computer skills • Ability to maintain records on a regular basis • Ability to work independently and handle motile projects • Ability to forecast upcoming difficulties and suggest solutions • Highly detail-oriented to inspect the inventory • Strong organizational skills • Ability to work in uncomfortable warehouse environments

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