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They found a job through GrabJobs:

Just fantastic!!! This app had shocked me at the first place! The interface and all didn't stop blowing my mind. It's really smart and helpful and you just cant get enough of it! By far is the best JOB SEARCH apps I've ever found! Thanks a million!
Destiara C.
Service Crew
Great experience, got instant feedback from companies. Very fast and smooth process. Got a job with Uniqlo after 1 interview!
Jason C.
Store Manager
Interesting and convenient to apply to the jobs and it makes it easier for employers and job seekers to shorten the stage of shortlisting while helping them to understand each other.
Phu P. W.
Retail Sales Assistant
I always find it a hassle to input my working experiences one by one, so I have been procrastinating.. But, right after I completed it this morning & applied for a posting, I received a face-to-face interview invitation! Wow, that's fast..! Now I'm hoping it will go well & I'll get the job.. (fingers crossed)
Dewi R.
Cafe Service Staff
It's easy to use and a lot of companies. I hope to get my job in this app. Happy hunting here. Thank you.
Aurea Melody M.
Admin Assistant
Unexpectedly better and simpler to use than most apps of the same category.
Emmanuel C.
This app is very helpful especially for the ones who are trying to find a job in the Metro but are not able to travel for days to walk in and apply. Good job to GrabJobs team! More power and success.
Liam E.
From the deepest of my heart I would like to say thank you so much to GrabJobs. GrabJobs' app is running very well: no bugs, easy to use and beautiful interface. I had been unemployed since 2017 although I was seeking so hard, I was almost hopeless. When I started to use GrabJobs I got a job very quickly! For your Information, I recommended this app to all my friends and my family. Thanks GrabJobs, I love your app so much!
Zerra Y.
Sales Assistant
Huge improvements! CEO and your team, you rock! Great app that saves time for both employer and employee. Allows candidates to be pre-screened before an interview setup (employer don't need to be available for the pre-screening as the replies are auto-set and auto-respond according to the candidate's response).
Ken R.
Thank you GrabJobs! I found the job that is suitable for me 🙂 Aside from WFH in another country, my employer. God bless you.
Roste M.
Customer Service Representative
Easy to use. Easy to know if you are hired or not. Unique aspect is the chat interview
Miguel E.
Delivery Rider
After sudden termination cause pandemic Covid-19, I felt I must start all over again. For 3 months +++, I almost used all the job applications apps I could find. I just installed GrabJobs and got a job in only 2 weeks. Sincere thank you and those who still looking for job, you'll be in my part of my prayers.
Jar I.
Office Clerk

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