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Job Posting on 20+ Job Boards in 1 Click

Post jobs on multiple job sites in a breeze. Manage all your job postings on a single dashboard.

04 Free Posting on Social Media

Free Posting on Social Media

Post jobs for free on LinkedIn & Facebook. Share your job openings with your network.

02 Free Branded Careers Page

Free Branded Career Page

Your exclusive careers site, designed by you, to spark talent attraction.

05 Free Careers Page Widget_2

Free Careers Page Widget

Keep your list of open roles always up-to-date on your website with a single piece of code.

03 Featured & Urgent Job Posting

Featured & Urgent Job Posting

Bump your open roles up to the top of search result to attract talent faster.

06 Offline-to-Online Job Posting & QR Code

Offline-to-Online Job Posting & QR Code

Bridge your offline-to-online talent acquisition with QR codes.

01 24_7 Interview Chatbots

24/7 Interview Chatbots

GrabJobs Interview Chatbots screen your candidates as and when they apply.

03 Custom Interview Questions & Scorecard

Custom Interview Questions & Scorecard

Tailor your Interview Chatbots according to your hiring requirements.

02 Smart Candidate Matching & Filtering

Smart Candidate Matching & Filtering

Automate applicant screening & scoring based on their interview answers.

04 Top Matching Candidates_1 (1)

Top Matching Candidates

Get in touch instantly with suggested profiles that match your jobs requirements.

01 Automated Interview Scheduler_01

Automated Interview Scheduler

Make your life easier with GrabJobs built-in interview scheduling platform.

03 Save Time with Video Interviews

Save Time with Video Interviews

Interview candidates remotely from anywhere.

02 Let Applicants Pick Timeslots

Let Applicants Pick Timeslots

Candidates select the interview time slot that works best for them.

04 Automated Interview Reminders & Confirmations

Automated Interview Reminders & Confirmations

Automatically send interview reminders 24 and 3 hours ahead, via sms and email.

01 Centralized Talent Pool of Candidates_1

Centralized Talent Pool of Candidates

Easily keep track of all your applicants all in one place.

04 Customize Your ATS Hiring Stages_1

Customize Your ATS Hiring Stages

Build your own hiring pipeline to match your recruitment process.

02 Import Candidates_0

Import Candidates

Upload your external candidate profiles right into your GrabJobs ATS.

05 End-to-end Recruitment Automation_1

End-to-End Recruitment Automation

Let your hiring process run on autopilot from sourcing to interview scheduling.

03 Share Profiles with your team_1

Share Profiles with your team

Send candidate profiles to your team in just one-click.

06 Recruitment App to hire on-the-go_1

Recruitment App to hire on-the-go

Access your pool of candidates from the app and manage recruitment wherever you go.

01 Instant Applicant Engagement

Instant Applicant Engagement

Customize automated messages to keep your candidates engaged at all times.

03 Live Chat with Candidates_1

Live Chat with Candidates

Interact with your potential next hire in real time right from your recruitment dashboard.

02 Online Employment Contract Management_1

Online Employment Contract Management

Streamline your offer management process with digitized contract and online signature.

04 Email & SMS Blasts_1

Email & SMS Blasts

Invite job seekers to apply to your jobs via bulk sending of emails & sms.

02 Free Branded Careers Page

Real-time Analytics Dashboards

Get insights on your recruitment activities to optimize your performance along the way.

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Intelligent Recruitment Reports

Monitor and evaluate your recruitment achievements with smart reports.

03 Featured & Urgent Job Posting

Efficiency & Recruitment Metrics

Keep track of the time and cost that GrabJobs helps you save.

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