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Job Description - UMD / KMD - GPU Driver Development Expert - Urgent

We are looking for an organized UMD / KMD - GPU Driver Development Expert to join our passionate team at Samsung India in New Delhi Delhi
Growing your career as a Full Time UMD / KMD - GPU Driver Development Expert is an incredible opportunity to develop competitive skills.
If you are strong in project management, creativity and have the right drive for the job, then apply for the position of UMD / KMD - GPU Driver Development Expert at Samsung India today!

Position Summary
Samsung is a world leader in Memory, LCD and System LSI technologies. We are currently looking for exceptional software and hardware talent to join our Samsung Bangalore Office of Samsung’s strategic investments in high performance low power ARM based device technology. Presently our GPU design teams, located in Austin (SARC) , San Jose (ACL) & Bangalore SSIR , are developing a GPU that will be deployed in Samsung mobile products.
Role and Responsibilities
Design and document major units in a GPU pipeline targeted at Mobile graphics and machine learning
Develop functional and cycle simulators for GPU pipeline. Collect statistics to evaluate potential benefit of optimizations, prototype to test functional correctness and specify the scheme in detail for next level of implementation in hardware and or software
Collaborate with implementation, modeling, and software teams to define and develop microarchitecture, software implementation, and/or a verification plan
Investigate alternate approaches for important GPU workloads, incremental optimizations, and rebalancing to maximize performance in future key workloads
Work with software developers to understand important trends in future graphics and AI applications, problems faced by application and middleware developers
Find and/or implement applications to exercise novel algorithms in drivers/hardware
Minimum requirements: 4 to 18 Years
Experience using parallel programming APIs and languages such as OpenCL or CUDA
Knowledgeable in GPU or other parallel processing architectures , Strong knowledge of GPU architecture
Knowledge of APIs such as Vulkan, Open GS ES 3.x, DX 11/12, OpenCL and other compute APIs
Knowledge of key mobile GPU graphics workloads and compute application workloads such as computer vision, image processing, AI and Image compression
Knowledge of game applications, game rendering engines, academic papers on advanced rendering techniques desirable
Expertise in implementing advanced graphics rendering techniques, machine-learning (AI) approaches
Proven ability to debug complex issues in multi-threaded environments
Understanding of Operating System fundamentals and concepts
Familiarity with offline and JIT compiler designs
Background in Linux and Android development
Strong C, C++ and Python programming experience of industrial experience in systems programming (driver development a strong plus)
Strong algorithmic background and outstanding problem-solving skills
System level performance analysis and strong OS fundamentals (memory management, multithreading/synchronization, user/kernel mode interaction)
Excellent C and C++ programming skills (assembly a plus)
Familiarity with graphics APIs (e.g. Open GL/EGL, DirectX)
Understanding of rasterization pipeline and modern GPU architectures
Excellent communication and teamwork skills
Ability to own a problem and drive it to completion​
Preferred candidate will possess the following:
Experience working with ARM 64-bit architecture
Experience developing system software for Android OS
Knowledge of high-level shading languages, e.g., GLSL/HLSL
Understanding of modern real-time rendering game engines

Benefits of working as a UMD / KMD - GPU Driver Development Expert in New Delhi Delhi:

● Excellent benefits
● Advancement opportunities
● Competitive salary
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This job is no longer accepting applications.

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