FPD Asia Property Services
FPD Asia Property Services
FPD Asia is committed to enhancing or adding value to the properties we manage. Adding value, in turn, means, not only increasing the monetary value of an office building or residential condominium but enhancing its desirability as a place to work or live. Well-managed properties are ones were you and your business or your family can prosper and flourish and these can only be achieved with Service Excellence... All the Time.
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Building Manager

  Company :     Working Hours :  

Weekdays 9 hours and Saturday 4 hours

  Job Type :  

Full Time

  Salary :  

₱35,000 - ₱45,000 / monthly

Job Description



The Building Manager is responsible for the over-all management of the assigned property and supervision of on-site staff to ensure efficient and effective building operation. He / She represents the Company in the assigned property.


  1. To manage and operate, efficiently and economically, the clients’ assets and finances with the highest level of integrity and excellence.
  2. To assure strict compliance with the Management Agreement between FPD Asia Property Services, Inc. and the specific assigned property including, but not limited to, Master Deed & Declaration of Restrictions, Implementing House Rules & Regulations, and By-Laws.
  3. To enforce the Policy Guidelines of the Company and the Client as promulgated by the Board of Trustees.



  • Regularly coordinates with the following organizations, agencies, and/or offices in relation to the assigned property:

A. Board of Trustees/Directors of the Property Association/Owner

B. Property Operations Division of FPD Asia Property Services, Inc.

C. Unit Owners, Tenants, and/or Occupants of the assigned property

D. On-site Property Operations personnel

E. Government Agencies such as: City/Municipal Hall - Barangay Office - Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) - Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA)  - Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) - City Associations - Bureau of Internal Revenue - City/Municipal Fire Department - Manila Electric Company - Manila/Maynilad Waters

F. Other Parties/Contractors: Legal Counsel - External Auditors - Housekeeping Agency - Security Agency - Various Contractors and Suppliers

  • Responsible for the supervision of all FPD Asia Property Services, Inc. personnel assigned in the specific property including those from other sub-contracted services such as, but not limited to, Housekeeping and Security.
  • Attend to and supervise general maintenance requirements, security and safety control, and cleanliness of the assigned property.
  • Act on and respond to clients’ complaints and inquiries expeditiously.
  • Submit weekly accomplishment/progress report, and monthly management report to the client, unless otherwise required on exceptional cases, as duly approved by direct superior or division head.
  • Insure and keep insured on behalf of the client, the assigned property against loss or damage by fire and other risks or perils as deemed necessary and as approved by the Association.
  • Recommend programs and/or action plan to maintain and improve all facilities and services in the assigned property.
  • Conduct regular evaluations and/or clearances of FPD Asia Property Services, Inc. assigned personnel in accordance with the Company’s standard procedure.
  • Prepares agenda and minutes of the meeting for the regular BOD meetings and General Membership meetings.
  • Implements policies and programs as promulgated by the Board of Directors.
  • Prepares correspondences, circulars, memoranda, and the like for the information of Unit Owners, Tenants, and/or Occupants.


  • Review and evaluate Monthly and Annual Financial Statements report as prepared by the Project Accountant for inclusion in the regular monthly Management Report and Annual Budget.
  • Properly handle, safeguard, and monitor use of clients’ funds and assets with the goal of incurring savings.
  • Prepares annual budget, operating expense, capital expenditure, and special assessment, for the assigned property subject for approval of the client.
  • Monitor daily collection report against deposit or cash position.
  • Review and certify that all entries with association’s accounting records are true and correct.
  • Strictly implement distribution of monthly statement of account.
  • Strictly implement the collection policy to ensure that all unit owners, tenants and/or occupants meet their financial obligations on time.
  • Review and process payment for government dues or assessments for, but not limited to, Business Permits & Licenses, Real Property Taxes, and other taxes.
  • Submit daily and monthly Cash Flow Statement detailing collections and disbursements.
  • Recommend revenue generating or cost reduction programs or activities.


  • Responsible for the daily maintenance, inspection, monitoring, and operation of the common area including all machineries and equipment in the assigned property to ensure uninterrupted service to Unit Owners and Tenants.
  • Strictly implement the preventive maintenance schedule to preclude unnecessary breakdowns, unscheduled repairs and/or replacement.
  • Strictly enforce security and safety procedures including, but not limited to, Fire Alarm & Detection System, Emergency Preparedness Program, Earthquake Drills, Fire Drills, and Bomb Detection.
  • Responsible for submitting technical maintenance report requiring repair or replacement due to equipment or machine breakdown detailing: Nature of repair/replacement supported by illustration or layout / Cost estimate supported by Canvass Sheets or bids from accredited Contractors or Suppliers / Scope of Work and Project Duration/Completion / Justification and/or Recommendation / Source of Budget
  • Prioritize technical work to be done in accordance to safety, time duration, and budget.
  • All other duties as may deemed necessary from time to time.


  • Study, evaluate, and analyze housekeeping requirement to ensure cleanliness, maintenance, and sanitation of common area premises of the assigned property such as, but not limited to: Main Lobby and Entrance Ways / Hallways, Passageways, and Stairways / Waiting Areas / Comfort Rooms / Garbage Collection and Disposal / Lighting Fixtures / Building Grounds and Landscape / Horizontal and Vertical Surfaces / Basement and Parking Area
  • Submit to the Association’s Board of Directors (“B.O.D.”), duly noted by direct superior, the recommendation on housekeeping requirement detailing: Scope of Work / Periodic Operational Requirement (i.e., Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Semi-Annually, Annually) / Operating Budget / Fixed Term of Janitorial Services / Comparative Analysis (preferred) 
  • As promulgated by the Association’s B.O.D., collate, review proposals for Janitorial Services from reputable companies.
  • Monitor day-to-day performance of Housekeeping services.


  • Study, evaluate, and analyze security requirement to ensure safety and orderliness of the building.
  • Submit to the Association’s Board of Directors (“B.O.D.”), duly noted by direct superior, the recommendation on security programs to promote upkeep and emergency preparedness of all unit owners, tenants, staff, and visitors.
  • Review the Security Scope of Work / Periodic Operational Requirement (i.e., Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Semi-Annually, Annually) / Operating Budget
  • As promulgated by the Association’s B.O.D., collate, review proposals for Security Services from reputable companies.
  • Monitor day-to-day performance of Security service personnel.


  • Educational Requirements: College Graduate, preferably with Post Graduate Studies/Degree 
  • Experiential Requirements: at least 3 years related work experience 
  • Special Skills : proficiency in all areas of the operations (security,
  • Housekeeping, administrative, accounting and technical, management skills, computer proficiency)

 Location: 1634 5th Ave, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines.  How to get there?

 Location: 1634 5th Ave, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines.

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