99 Ranch Store
99 Ranch Store
99 Ranch Store, is a Chinese convenience store. So far we have two branch, one located in Taguig city and other one located in Alabang. The branch of Pasay is under the construction. 99 is a lucky number in China, meaning long and infinity. Based on Philipines country history, Chinese has been devoting themselves and live a life here for many generations. We want to spread more cultures by sharing the products and food to the local people and others.
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HR Manager

  Company :     Working Hours :  

10 hours working per day, two days off

  Job Type :  

Full Time

  Salary :  

₱20,000 - ₱30,000 / monthly

Job Description

Work Content :

  • Give priority to company interest;
  • Implement and improve the company's personnel system and plan, training and development, performance evaluation, employee social security and welfare management;           
  • Organize and assist each department in recruitment, training and performance evaluation;           
  • Implement and improve the policies and processes related to the entry, employment confirmation, transfer and resignation of employees;      
  • Personnel information management and employee file maintenance, and accounting of employee's salary and welfare;        

Work Qualification

  • Related education background
  • Had work experiece in convenice store ( at leat 5 year)
  • Familiar with Phillippines employment system / laws / regulation

 Location: 1630 马尼拉大都会菲律宾.  How to get there?

 Location: 1630 马尼拉大都会菲律宾.

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