Get Hired Faster with GrabJobs Premium & Elite Plans

With GrabJobs Premium and Elite membership plans, we provide you with a comprehensive suite of features designed to speed up your job search and maximize your chances of landing the perfect job.  

Let us guide you through how to use these features that will set you apart from the competition and help you secure your dream job faster. 

GrabJobs Premium Features

Feature 1: Start Conversations with Employers

With our Premium and Elite plans, you gain the power to initiate conversations with employers at any time. Take the first step in building trust and showcasing your enthusiasm by reaching out to employers directly.  

By proactively starting conversations, you position yourself ahead of other candidates and increase your chances of securing interviews and ultimately, job offers. 

During your chosen cycle (weekly or monthly), you will get 2 message credits on Premium plans and 10 message credits on Elite. You can also purchase add-on message credits anytime.

How to Use This Feature:

1. On the job details page, click the "Message” button to start a conversation with the employer.

2. Write and send your message directly from the chat

Feature 2: Top of the Applicant List

Stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression with our Top of the Applicant List feature.  

When you become a Premium or Elite member, your career profile will be prominently featured at the top of the job applicant list.  

This exclusive placement ensures that your profile catches the immediate attention of employers, guaranteeing that you won’t be overlooked among hundreds of applicants.

How to Use This Feature:

In your profile section, click on the “Feature My Profile” toggle to activate it.

Feature 3: Recommended Jobs

We understand that finding the perfect job can be a daunting task, but with our AI-powered technology, the process becomes seamless and tailored to your unique qualifications and aspirations.

Our AI will analyse your Career Profile to handpick opportunities that perfectly match your skills and preferences, placing you among the top applicants for these roles. Premium users will be able to unlock unlimited access to all recommended jobs, while free users will only get two job recommendations per day. 

Recommended Jobs are updated daily so check back regularly for new opportunities.

How to Use This Feature:

After you login your account, click on the “Recommended” tab on the top of the page.

Feature 4: CV Improvements and CV Writer

Presenting your qualifications in the most compelling way is essential to capture employers’ attention, and our AI can help you achieve that.

First, the CV Improvements tool allows you to paste your CV and receive expert suggestions for enhancements, from grammar and formatting to keyword optimizations. This will make you stand out from the competition with a polished and professional resume that impresses employers.

Second, with the Rewrite Your CV feature, our AI will transform your current CV into a captivating masterpiece, highlighting your strengths and accomplishments in a compelling manner. This rewritten CV will give you a significant edge in the competitive job market, unlocking exciting career opportunities.

How to Use This Feature:

1. On your profile page, scroll down until you the see CV section, then click on “CV Tools”.

2. You can then choose "CV Improvements" or "Rewrite Your CV" and paste your CV in the designated box

3. Enjoy your improved CV!

Feature 5: Career Profile Generator

Your Career Profile is your professional identity, and at GrabJobs, we understand the importance of making a lasting impression on potential employers.  

Our AI writer can help you craft captivating “About Me” and “Job History” sections tailored to showcase your unique strengths and career goals. Stand out from the competition with a personalized, professionally written profile that leaves a lasting impression on employers. This will save you time and effort while boosting your confidence, knowing that your profile is expertly curated to highlight your achievements and potential. 

How to Use This Feature:

1. On your profile page, scroll down until you the About Me and Job History sections, then click on “Edit” or the pencil icon.

2. On the About Me section, write some sentences about you and your experiences. Then click on the AI Writer button and choose to Generate or Improve Content.

3. Enjoy your improved About Me section!

4. For the Job History section, click on the Add Job History and fill all the required fields. Then click on the AI Writer button and choose to Generate or Improve Content.

5. Enjoy your improved Job History section!

Feature 6: See the Number of Applicants for each Job

Deciding which job opportunities to pursue can be overwhelming when faced with multiple options. With GrabJobs’ Premium and Elite plans, you gain valuable insights into each job’s popularity.

Get a comprehensive overview of the number of candidates who have applied to each position you’re considering.

Armed with this information, you can make informed decisions about where to invest your time and energy, focusing on the opportunities that align with your career goals and offer the greatest potential for success.

How to Use This Feature:

1. On the job listings page, click on the blurred text under the company logo

2. You will be able to see the number of applicants in real-time

Feature 7: See Who Viewed Your Profile

As a Premium or Elite member, you will receive notifications whenever employers review your profile. Discover the companies that have shown interest in your qualifications and skill set.

This valuable information enables you to gauge your profile’s attractiveness and seize the opportunity to directly connect with potential employers who have demonstrated interest in your expertise.

Turn passive profile views into active engagement, opening doors to exciting career prospects.

How to Use This Feature:

1. In your profile section, click on “Profile Views”

2. See which companies viewed your profile in real-time

Feature 8: Remove Ads

With Premium or Elite plans, you will enjoy a seamless, ad-free job search environment that allows you to focus entirely on finding the perfect job. This will help to eliminate distractions and streamline your search process to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

Try GrabJobs Premium today and experience the difference that our premium features can make in your job search.

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