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Small Business

How much can you save with GrabJobs?

Save $20,000 & 600 Hours

SME clients saved an average of $20,000 and 600 Man Hours last year


How much can you save with GrabJobs?

Save $60,000 & 2,000 Hours

Enterprise clients saved an average of $60,000 and 2,000 Man Hours last year


Talent Attraction

Reach millions of job seekers and attract the best talent.
Automatically publish jobs on leading job boards & social networks.
Centralize applicants from all sources onto a single dashboard!

Candidate Screening

Interview Chatbots handle all your time-consuming & repetitive tasks usually performed by recruiters manually.
Keep your team lean and productive by leveraging smart recruitment automation technology.

Interview Scheduling

Save time & increase interview show-ups by sending automated interview invites and interview reminders. No more time wasted with back and forth scheduling & reminders.
Save time and improve your hiring efficiency!

Recruitment Automation

Easily manage each step of your hiring process, from new applicants to hires, with our intuitive Applicant Tracking System (ATS).
A better way to manage your entire recruitment online. No more spreadsheets! No more Emails!

Trusted by 5,000+ Global Brands

Josh Bell - Guzman Y Gomez
Josh Bell - Guzman Y Gomez
General Manager
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GrabJobs saves us tons of time by automatically filtering all the noise and screening applicants for real talent. It takes the pain away from hiring.
S. Sivakumar - The Ascott
S. Sivakumar - The Ascott
HR Management Director
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GrabJobs has become one of our preferred platforms for hiring. The automation tools such as pre-selection questions in the chatbot help make the hiring process a lot more efficient so that my HR Team can really spend their time on value added activities.
James Lee - UNIQLO
James Lee - UNIQLO
TA Regional Manager
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I can personally vouch for the effectiveness of GrabJobs. The platform has enabled my recruitment team to track numbers, filter candidates, improve hiring efficiency and save countless hours.
Geraldine Alexis - Loco Group
Geraldine Alexis - Loco Group
Group Assistant Training Manager
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Our biggest challenge before was numerous no-shows. With GrabJobs Automated Interview Scheduler, candidates are sent automated reminders 24h & 3h ahead to confirm their attendance. If a candidate is unable to attend the interview, we get a notification. We have successfully reduced the number of no-shows and loving all the other features on GrabJobs.

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