How to Tell if You’ll Experience Career Growth in a Company

Career Growth in a Company

How to Tell if You’ll Experience Career Growth in a Company

Achieving career development can be tricky. It depends on many things, not just your personal drive and work habits. Most employees dream of climbing the corporate ladder of their chosen field – getting a higher salary, a promotion, or a better benefits package. To achieve these, employees and employers must have aligned goals and values. A company’s culture and how it matches a person’s career path are huge deciding factors when it comes to growth. If a company prioritizes employee development, driven and dedicated staff will definitely see a payoff for their effort.


So, if you’re seeking a new job that can offer your career more room to grow and you’re considering entering competitive industries like the contact center industry, you may want to know how to evaluate whether career growth in a company you’re interested in is realistic. Here are some key factors to look for: A company that can guide you towards success will let you…

Explore What’s Best For You

We all have different career paths to take. One person may feel more accomplished staying on a single course and maximizing their current chosen role, while another would want to explore different opportunities to find the best fit for them. The company you’re working for should give you multiple options to flourish. A company with great internal career mobility and sufficient support for growth produces the most successful employees, because it understands that not everyone fits into a box. This type of company accommodates everyone’s unique goals and allows for these to change as well. It nurtures its employees by providing opportunities to develop skills, build strengths, and find the right customer service jobs that can utilize those.

Speak Your Mind

Communication is key to any team, company, or individual’s success. But, communication can also be tricky. It needs to be honest but polite and positive. It should be clear and direct but also open to further dialogue. Moreover, effective communication requires a willingness to listen. Seniority, biases, and personal relationships at work should take a backseat to the relevance of what’s being discussed.


How can a company achieve all that? This is where the importance of having a positive company culture comes in. The most essential ingredient to successful communication at work is a strong corporate value system that promotes open dialogue. If a company empowers everyone to speak their mind and allows for difficult but honest discussions, then you’ve found a community that will treat you well, appreciate your contributions, and support your great ideas. That’s the definition of a company where you can go places.

Build Caring Work Relationships

No man is an island, even in a corporate setting. When a company succeeds, it succeeds together – individuals all set up to maximize their potential as a unit. To build a truly connected community, employees should love diversity, bring humanity to business, and prioritize supporting one another.

TTEC, a certified Great Place to Work®, embodies these ideas. TTEC employees enjoy a sense of togetherness, an inclusive and supportive workplace culture. This company prioritizes safety at work, fair treatment of employees, and camaraderie, because TTEC knows the importance of healthy work friendships in nurturing employee career development. Having work buddies and mentors helps employees with learning and development, motivation, and goal setting. A company that promotes positive connections at work can definitely take your career to another level.

Make Time For Yourself

For any employee, psychological well-being in work is significant, because their plate can get too full at times. On other occasions, you could also get wrapped up in hyper-productivity, with your excitement unintentionally masking your fatigue. Mental health is especially tricky for jobs in the customer experience industry.


A company that cares for your success understands that rest is a valuable factor for the growth of employees. Some great companies even require their employees to go on vacations! We’re just humans who get tired, so some time off is needed for us to come back stronger and ready to take on the usual challenges of customer service jobs. The more humane a BPO company, the better the employees’ careers!


For job seekers, finding a company that fits your values and your goals is very important. It’ll be a primary factor for your career development. So, remember the key company traits we’ve listed above – look for a company that listens to you, understands your goals, and supports your personal well-being and professional growth.

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