20 Part Time Jobs For Public Holidays in Singapore

Considering Public Holiday Part Time Jobs as a side hustle opportunity? Check out our guide to 20 part time job ideas you can try in Singapore today.
20 part-time jobs for Singapore public holidays

There is a strong culture of celebrating the long weekend in Singapore. Many people will have made plans for the public holiday long in advance. Whether it’s travelling, hosting events or doing something new and exciting, long weekends in Singapore represent a time to explore life without eating too much into one’s annual leave days. Public holidays in Singapore are also a great time to take on part-time jobs too!

Part time jobs are an easy way to pull in some extra cash as businesses tend to face higher demand during the holiday season. In need of manpower, more part-time positions tend to open up as well! With that being said, not all positions require you to “go in to work either”! Prefer the comfort of your home? We’ve got something for you too!

Wondering if you should take on a part-time job during the holidays? Read on to make an informed decision! 🙂

What are the benefits of working public holiday part time jobs in Singapore?

The biggest benefit is that it doesn’t affect your full time job or studying. The long weekend is a great time to focus on a side hustle and make a bit of extra income with the added time off.

It also represents a busier time for many people as they don’t have to focus on work or studying. This means people could use a helping hand or an expert with a bit of extra time on their hands.

If you have skills or the equipment for any of the 20 possible part time and freelance jobs listed below, then consider using your long weekend to make a bit of money doing them.

What are the guidelines for working a part time job in Singapore?

One thing to note is that in Singapore, companies are required by law to increase employee pay if you are working on a public holiday. This means if you can’t get the long weekend off, you are still entitled to higher compensation during that time.

If you can get the time off, however, it also means you would be justified in raising your rates if you freelance or asking for fair compensation for part time jobs during the long weekend. In that time, you are entitled to an extra day’s basic wage –  200% what you would have normally been paid.

What are the Top 20 Public Holiday Part Time Jobs You Can Find in Singapore?

1. Food Delivery Driver

With most of the world going into lockdown, food delivery has never been more in-demand than it is today. Food delivery apps like GrabFood, FoodPanda, and Deliveroo have seen their demand rise over the last 12 months as more people have had to eat their favourite takeout from home rather than dining out because of social distancing protocols.

If you are in possession of a driver’s license, you could get a job through one of the various food delivery platforms as a driver. The benefit here isn’t just in the flexible hours that let you decide when to clock in. Food delivery also offers you a chance to earn tips for good customer service, adding a nice cherry on top of your part-time income.

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2. Ride share driver

Ridesharing apps like Grab and Gojek might not have seen the meteoric rise like their food delivery counterparts. However, they remain an important part of how society functions in 2021. Again, this is a job that will require you to have a driver’s license. It would also be beneficial if you are sociable and have enough driving experience to ensure a smooth and reliable ride.

This isn’t just to appease customers, though. A safe, clean and reliable ride-sharing experience is what will guarantee you higher ratings on your rides. These ratings will serve as social proof for the next person requesting a ride near you. This means that every successful drive makes it easier to impress the next customer and potentially earn a tip.

Much like food delivery, the hours are very flexible for ride sharing and tipping means a second income stream in the same job.

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3. Freelance Photographer

Freelance photography doesn’t need you to have a driver’s license, so don’t worry! There are jobs on this list for everyone! You will, however, need three things in order to become a successful freelance photographer, even if you are only doing one gig over a long weekend. These are: a good camera, a portfolio and clients.

A camera is important for obvious reasons. But, in order to attract clients, you need to have a body of photography work that you can show them. A portfolio is proof of your skills and lets clients more accurately tell if you would be the right photographer for their events.

A portfolio can also be posted online and shared, which means potential clients can see your work even when you aren’t actively looking for jobs. This is a fantastic way to book work before the long weekend arrives, so you can spend it actually doing gigs and getting paid.

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4. Freelance Copywriter

All you need is a computer and word processing software. That covers the hardware. But like any other freelance profession, the two most important things you need are the skills to do the job to a high standard and a body of work to convince clients to hire you.

Copywriting requires someone who can turn a client’s idea or thoughts into cohesive a cohesive article, pitch or ad copy. You must understand the industry your client is speaking to and have a good level off research skills to help you produce writing that is professional and captivating.

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5. Freelance Editor

Editors have the same requirements as copywriters, but use a completely different skillset. Where writers produce words, editors are responsible for taking a client’s words and making them shine.

This will require some knowledge in proofreading, line editing and/or developmental editing, depending on what services you want to offer to clients. Additionally, it would be beneficial to have some extra editing software like Grammarly or ProWriterAid to help you make good editorial decisions and catch any mistakes you might miss.

It’s a little harder to build a portfolio as an editor unless you can point to your clients’ published works, as you won’t own the copyright for any of it. This makes it doubly important to impress clients who can then recommend you personally to anyone they know who might need an editor.

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6. Freelance Graphic Designer

Graphic design work is much like photography in that you will need to produce striking visuals to impress your clients. Unlike photography, however, you aren’t capturing moments at events. You’re producing digital images through photo editing softwares like Photoshop. 

Graphic design is a form of art, and if you have interest in colour theory, special design, layers, tones, textures and digital architecture, then you might make a good graphic designer.

Pro-tip: Ensure that your contact information and credits are easily found for anyone interested in hiring you.

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7. Freelance Web Developer

Web development is a rather specialised freelance field. It requires technical knowledge of coding and web hosting, unless you use third party site creation platforms like WordPress, Squarespace or Wix.

The good news is, however, these skills are in high demand. If you know how to develop and maintain websites, you can charge quite a bit creating landing pages for companies, local businesses and online brands.

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8. Blogger

There are three ways you can make money blogging, which makes it one of the best part-time jobs to get into over a long weekend in Singapore. The first way is through ad revenue. This is generated every time someone views an ad hosted on your blog, provided you subscribe to ad sharing campaigns like Google AdSense.

The second way to make money is through direct sponsorship with a brand that wants to be associated to your blog. The third and most sustainable way is to set up a donation tab for your readers who want to contribute money to you. This can be done either through one-time payments via platforms like PayPal and CashApp or as monthly donations through Patreon.

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9. Dance Instructor

Do you have training in popular dance techniques and a flair for teaching? Becoming a dance instructor is a great way to share your expertise and passions with people who are eager to learn for the same reasons you did.

As a dance instructor, you can host classes either in person (subject to your provincial gathering restrictions) or online, meaning you can teach multiple clients at once and earn more.

You can also create a complete video course that people can pay to access, meaning you can use your long weekend to create the course and know that people can buy it even when you go back to your full time job or studying.

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10. Yoga Instructor

Many people look to unwind over a long weekend. Some people relax at home, others travel, and many people turn to yoga. If you are a qualified yoga instructor, the long weekend can represent a fantastic time to offer a class to anyone looking to distress during their break.

Yoga classes usually run from 30 to 50 minutes, meaning you can schedule multiple classes during the long weekend. This doesn’t just mean more clients, but it allows you to spread them out throughout a day to more effectively social distance if classes are in person.

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What part time job opportunity catches your eye?

11. House Sitter

Many people in Singapore will use long weekends to travel. The good thing about this is many people with the means to travel over a holiday often have houses that need sitters while they’re away and the disposable income to pay for them.

House sitting is one of those rare jobs where you can literally get paid to sit on the couch. Although, you may be given other responsibilities like taking care of a pet and collecting mail. As far as part time jobs over a long weekend go, though, it’s a pretty relaxing gig.

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12. Dog Walker

If you’re good with animals, one of the best ways to make a bit of extra income over the upcoming long weekend is by being a dog walker. You’ll need to organise a means of transport if you want to take the dogs to a park that isn’t nearby. But otherwise, just working out a safe and fun walking route will be enough too.

Pets can get quite energetic when their owners are home longer than usual, and offering to walk their dogs can give them some extra room to relax.

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13. Painter

A long weekend is often seen as a great time to renovate. Watching paint dry under the Singapore sun may not seem like the ideal way to entertain yourself, but offering to paint houses for people doing renovation work is a great part time job.

You don’t need training and your clients will usually supply most of the tools for the job, you just need to be physically up to the task and ensure you don’t leave any patches!

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14. Car Washing

With cars being such an important part of so many people’s daily commutes, one often doesn’t have time to take care of them until the weekend. Offering to wash cars over the long weekend could be a great opportunity to make some extra money.

It’s work, after all, and even people who love their cars might just want to take the long weekend off to relax. Make the most of this time by giving their prized assets some TLC.

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15. DJ

Do you know how to select great music and curate the right mood for an event? Consider being a DJ and giving people the gift of your master playlists.

A lot of people will see the long weekend as a chance to host events they otherwise couldn’t over two-day weekends. From weddings to backyard parties, they could all do with a DJ to set the tone and keep things ticking over.

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16. Master of Ceremonies

If you have a gift for engaging with crowds as well as strong time management and organisational skills, then you might be well suited to being an MC, or Master of Ceremonies. You’d be in charge of stitching the different parts of a program together at events, as well as keeping people entertained and enthusiastic.

This is definitely the job for someone with flair, confidence and great collaboration skills, as people will look to you to keep the event ticking over. Don’t forget – it’s also a chance to show off your skills to anyone in attendance who might want to hire you for a future event.

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17. Caterer

If you know how to cook great food for a lot of people, your culinary skills could make you a great events caterer. No event is truly complete without finger foods or even a three course meal. Use your time over the long weekend to cater for a big event! It could earn you some money and a strong reputation in the process.

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18. Entertainment

Being an entertainer at events is a great alternative if you have the performance skills to be considered an expert but not the clientele to teach. Whether you’re a singer, dancer, poet or actor, providing entertainment at events could be a handy way to make some extra money over the long weekend with some part time work built around your passion.

You’ll also get to network with any other acts that may be present, the organisers, and anyone who sees you and thinks they might want to hire you too. Because it’s something you love and are good at, it also doesn’t require as much preparation time as some of the other event jobs available.

You can recycle a routine or performance, provided it’s appropriate for the event and up to standard. Long weekends are a good time off, but time is still limited and, this way, you can make the most of it.

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19. Handyperson

Now this is a job that’s going to require skills, equipment and expertise. If you’re handy with a power tool and know how to fix household issues like blocked pipes, faulty appliances and bad wiring, being a handyman could be a great part time job opportunity.

For one thing, many people only notice household problems when they’re home for an extended period of time. Lockdown means more people are spending time in their homes and finding things that need to be repaired.

Being on call over the long weekend and making sure people know they can call you for plumbing, carpentry, electric and general household work will help generate business during your time off.

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20. Bartender

You don’t need to know how to mix fancy cocktails in order to be a good bartender. If you’re quick on your feet, organised and friendly, you can serve most drinks with just a little training. Many bars and pubs are always looking for staff to fill in part time. Check with your local establishments if they need some extra help over the long weekend.

You can volunteer for training before the long weekend or learn through tutorials at home. Either way, if you know how to serve drinks, then consider bartending. Patrons are also known to be generous tippers, so be sure to keep a smile and the drinks flowing!

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Don’t be caught sleeping this upcoming long weekend. With numerous public holidays coming in, it’s a great time to get out there (or stay home) and make some extra money through some of the part time jobs available now.

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