3 Tricks to Creating the Best Cover Letter Ever

3 tricks to creating the best cover letter ever

Are you searching for a new job opportunity right now? Have your resumé ready but feel that you need something else to boost your application? Perhaps, what you need is a great cover letter! In this article, we’ll be exploring some of the best ways to creating the best cover letter ever. 

A cover letter is a piece of document that should go out with each resume that you send out to employers and interested companies. It should detail a little more of your skills and experience too. Essentially, the document allows you to personalise your job application by attracting the attention of your hiring manager. 

As such, it’s important that the letter really puts out the best image of yourself. Many individuals submit their job application without a cover letter. However, including one increases your chances of securing the position! 

As always, check the rules and regulations detailed on the MOM webpage to be sure that you are abiding by the law when you/anyone from your team’s working in Singapore. If ever in doubt, contact them either through an email or phone enquiry to ask your questions. 

If everything is looking good, let’s jump right into it!

Which trick do you find most useful to create the best cover letter?

Trick 1: Convey your interest and enthusiasm

Passion is one of the biggest motivational factors for individuals to push themselves in order to secure their dream job. More often than not, a cover letter presents you with the very first opportunity to convey your interest and enthusiasm. 

If you are keen to join that specific company and lock in that job opportunity, play it to your advantage by using this key piece of document! 

This would be the chance to express your genuine attraction to the company’s brand or services too! Employers and hiring managers value passion, interests and enthusiasm. This is because it often means the potential employee will be better motivated to attain organisational goals. 

Share about the excitement you felt when you saw the job vacancy at the firm. At the same time, frame your cover letter in such a way that it poses your skills and experience as relevant and applicable!

In short, the first trick to get your job application noticed is by conveying your interest and enthusiasm in the company and the job position!

Trick 2: Give them a memorable introduction

Companies, employers and hiring managers tend to receive a large amount of job applications for every job position available. 

This also means that they will have to sieve through piles of resumes and applications to find that one, right person for the job. 

How can you increase your chances of getting hired, then? By giving them a memorable introduction in your cover letter, of course!

There are different ways to achieve this particular goal. Some individuals use the opportunity to be as creative as possible. Others highlight their biggest X factor from their list of skills and work experiences instead. 

Some job seekers start off with their personal or belief statements too. This allows companies to identify potential employees who know what they are in search of in their career. 

Should the personal and organisational visions and missions match, they have all the more reason to hire you! 

Trick 3: Conclude with your call-to-action

Once you’ve mentioned everything you wish to highlight in your now shiny cover letter, conclude with you call-to-action!

Imagine a scenario where the employers/hiring managers love everything about you. However, for some absurd reason, they can’t seem to find your contact details in a quick search. And they get distracted by something else and you lose that job opportunity!

You were so close! In order to prevent such undesirable situations from taking place, direct your readers to a call-to-action. Generally with job applications, job seekers want to express their interest to join the firm and more importantly, how they can be contacted. 

If you’d prefer to receive a phone call, include your contact number at the end of your cover letter. Otherwise, include your email address to receive an email instead. To play safe, include both! That way, if you can’t be reached via phone, they still have another option to contact you again. 

Making it easier for your potential employers to reach out to you by concluding with you call-to-action in this paper document can help you big time!

And that’s 3 tricks on how you can create the best cover letter ever! If you have been wondering how to secure that new job opportunity you’ve been eyeing, we hope this article is of help to you!

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