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Part-time jobs can be a fantastic way to earn money. For students, part-time jobs are the most stable source of income while juggling academics. For others, it’s a good way to make some extra cash during the seasonal holidays. In order to help you find a work opportunity, here’s a list of the 10 best job sites for part-time jobs in Singapore!

There are a ton of other advantages of holding a part-time job besides just the income. The experience, opportunities as well as contacts gained can help individuals get a head start in their careers.

With that being said, what better time to search for flexible part-time jobs? Part-time positions are opening up and these job portals are just the thing you need to find the temporary job vacancy for you.

GrabJobs specialises in Part-Time, Retail, Hospitality and F&B jobs. They count over 5,000 companies using their platform from Hospitality giants like Ascott to renown retail brands like Uniqlo. GrabJobs has recently also been acknowledged by MediaOne as one of their top job sites in Singapore.

Job seekers can have their profiles automatically generated for them and they can begin applying for jobs in under a minute with the automated chat-bot pre-screening interviews. 

Once candidates have been shortlisted, they will be able to set an interview with the employer and have automated reminders sent to them.

No wonders as to why this portal is among the best job sites for part-time jobs!

Pros of GrabJobs

  • Apply for jobs without a CV.
  • Get instant feedback on whether you’re shortlisted or not.
  • Chat with employers directly.
  • Pre-screening interview chatbot gives jobseekers more influence over the outcome of their job application compared to traditional job application process.
  • Automated Interview Reminders.

Cons of GrabJobs

  • Mostly focused on entry to mid-level jobs, or non-executive jobs. Not catered to senior executive level positions.
JobStreet: Best job sites GrabJobs: Best Job Site for part-time jobs

JobStreet is one of Asia’s leading online employment markets with job opportunities in many industries. Some of these sectors include accounting and finance, admin, human resource, arts, media and communications, etc.) 

They facilitate the matching and communication of part-time job opportunities between job seekers and employers in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Pros of JobStreet

  • There are job listings from many industries which can cater to more people
  • Job Seekers have the ability to select the salary range that they aim to earn

Cons of JobStreet

  • Website can be difficult to navigate.
  • High competition for each job posting.
  • Response time from companies is slow.  

Which are your top 3 choices for a part-time job site in Singapore?
Freeboh: Best Job Site for part-time jobs

Freeboh is an integrated online job marketplace where shift-based job seekers can connect with businesses in a hassle-free manner. Shift-based jobs is a concept where employees are hired to work on a scalable and flexible timeline. 

This allows for daily changes and arrangements to one’s own schedule. As opposed to the conventional fixed and inflexible schedules, Freeboh allows you to look at some of the more flexible options out there. 

Making Freeboh another one of the best job sites for part-time jobs in Singapore!

Pros of Freeboh

  • Designed specifically for part-time or temporary job listings.
  • Easier to navigate through all the jobs.
  • Enables contractors to pick shifts tailored to their skills, experience and schedule.
  • Individuals also looking to pursue other creative passions have the ability to set their own hourly wage.

Cons of Freeboh

  • If you have a specialty that you want to use in your job-scope, the options are more limited.
  • There will be more jobs that are available in that field that are not listed on the portal.
Cultjobs Platform UI

CultJobs is a website that champions young creative talent in Singapore. For creatives, it can be difficult to find jobs. They are usually either wading through a bunch of general job sites or rely solely on word of mouth for a temporary or freelance opportunity. 

This website is clean and fully responsive with free email alerts for job
seekers and a dashboard to manage job seekers and candidate viewings for

Pros of CultJobs

  • Job Seekers can alter their profiles to suit the job that they are applying for.  
  • Job Seekers will also be able to receive alerts every time a job that fits their preferences is posted.
  • Caters to the niche industry of creatives that are often forgotten.

Cons of CultJobs

  • Only accepts selected jobs.
  • Job Postings only stay up for a limited period therefore job seekers have to constantly check every day or they could be missing opportunities.
Indeed: Best job sites in Australia

This job portal compiles part-time and temp job listings from over hundreds of other websites, including major job boards and the top newspapers. Indeed also allows employees and job seekers to share their reviews about their experience with employers. 

Using the Advanced search option, select ‘part-time’ from the ‘Show Type of Jobs’ drop down menu. You’ll be able to find some great selections of part-time jobs from this site too. 

It’s largely preferred by the local community, which explains why they’re also amongst the best job sites for part-time jobs in Singapore!

Pros of Indeed

  • Company Reviews. These allow Job Seekers to learn more about the company they would be applying for.

Cons of Indeed

  • Has a lot of jobs and as a job seeker you will have to go through a lot of jobs before you find something relevant.

Monster’s hourly and part-time job database can be found by searching for keyword, location, employer name and job title. Click on the ‘advanced search’ under ‘find jobs’ and select ‘part-time’ on the menu to access job opportunities in Singapore. 

As such, Monster is especially useful for part-time and temporary job seekers.

Pros of Monster

  • Job Seekers have the ability to block their resumes from certain companies. This is exceptionally useful for those who are currently employed but looking for other jobs.

Cons of Monster

  • Spam and Redundancy. Businesses who are aware of Monster’s reach will take advantage of the opportunity for exposure, ruining the user experience in the process.

Gumtree Singapore is a local branch of the popular UK classified ads site Gumtree. Classifieds are popular with people who are looking for administrative jobs, entry-level, part-time and temporary job roles.

Pros of Gumtree

  • There are a lot of jobs to choose from.
  • Job Seekers can email the employer and send their CV straight from the website itself.

Cons of Gumtree

  • There is no standard template for the job postings. This makes the page look slightly unorganised and difficult to process.

DreamCareerBuilder shares lots of knowledge about recruitment and candidate services to help individuals find their dream career, be it part-time or temporary roles. 

They do this by combining their understanding, job seekers’ concerns as well as company decision maker’s interests and priorities.

Pros of Dream Career Builder

  • Job Seekers get to find a job that will allow them to do what they love and get paid well for it.  

Cons of Dream Career Builder

  • Competition will be very high as job seekers can use the portal for free.

YY specialises in innovative workforce solutions and connecting human potential to the power of business. They serve both large and small organisations across all industries and would place the right candidate to meet your recruiting needs.

Pros of YY Jobs

  • Provides innovative workforce solutions and connects potential to the power of business
  • Cater to both large and small organisations across all industries.

Cons of YY Jobs

  • YY Jobs focuses more on the service industry and may not be suited for creatives or corporate individuals.
JobsDb: Best job sites in Singapore

JobsDB is one of Singapore’s biggest job search websites and has a huge database of
jobs across many industries. Job Seekers can search for part-time positions and temporary jobs by using specific job titles and keywords.

Pros of JobsDB

  • JobsDB has jobs from across almost all industries so it caters to most people. No matter what kind of job you are aiming for, you will likely be able to find one appropriate for you.
  • They have the location feature that informs you where the company is. This is useful if you want to avoid waking up at 5 am and spending an hour getting to your job.

Cons of JobsDB

  • High competition for each job because of the high number of job seekers looking
  • Spams and advertising. Companies could make use of the high numbers of users on the portal and use it as free exposure.

There you have it! The 10 best job sites for part-time jobs in Singapore that can help you find the perfect position that suits your needs. 

Best of luck in your job hunt!

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