Top 18 Highest Paying Jobs in Indonesia

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Top 18 Highest-Paid Jobs Openings in Indonesia

Top 18 Highest Paying Jobs in Indonesia

If you plan to work in Indonesia, you’re likely wondering which jobs pay the most. Not all jobs are the same, so if you want to live well in Indonesia, you’ll want to find some job openings in Indonesia that pay well too. Generally, high-paying jobs are considered anything around or above the country’s average, which is approximately 449 million IDR. Since most jobs pay somewhere around 104 million IDR, there are several rewarding options. Read on to learn more about 30 of the top-paying jobs available in Indonesia and how to find them!

What are the Top 18 Highest Paid Job Openings in Indonesia?

Average Salary: 540,000,000 IDR

Salary Range: 108,000,000 to 878,000,000 IDR

What do technical directors do?

Technical directors often manage a team of employees and help them achieve set goals. These include short-term project goals as well as long-term company goals. 

Technical directors may also help their team develop plans, review work, identify risks, and project timelines. The director is the main point of contact for the technical team and is a company’s representative for future interests. 

Average Salary: 260,000,000 IDR

Salary Range: 140,000,000 to 410,000,000 IDR

What do project directors do?

Project directors manage teams that run company projects. They may also get directly involved in the company’s plans by acting as a company representative or liaison with potential clients.

Other duties of a project director include handling new hires, overseeing the implementation of both short-term and long-term projects, and evaluating project effectiveness once implemented. 

Average Salary: 99,000,000 IDR

Salary Range: 48,000,000 to 155,000,000 IDR

What do chefs do?

Chefs are one of the most in-demand job openings in Indonesia, and they can have many different roles depending on their employer. In all cases, however, chefs are responsible for the direct handling and preparation of food items for consumption. Chefs need to know how to cook food and, in addition,  handle and maintain food safely.

Chefs in Indonesia can work in restaurants, private venues, or for a personal client depending on their preferences, skills, and job availability.

Average Salary: 258,000,000 IDR

Salary Range: 118,000,000 to 412,000,000

What do heads of corporate strategy do?

Heads of corporate strategy are responsible for executing company initiatives in a timely and concise way. They may help their team develop short- and long-term plans, analyze data, evaluate company structures, and develop reasonable responses to potential issues.

In essence, this position is all about strategy. It requires relationship-building skills as well as critical thinking to accomplish complex tasks. 

Average Salary: 373,000,000 IDR

Salary Range: 271,000,000 to 435,000,000 IDR

What do judges do?

Judges operate in a court of law to determine if an accused individual is innocent or guilty. They may also work with a jury by providing them with clear instructions and guidelines before deciding the verdict for a defendant. 

Judges should be well-versed in local and federal law as well as appropriate sentencing for committed crimes. They should also know basic court etiquette and guidelines. 

Average Salary: 450,000,000 IDR

Salary Range: 240,000,000 to 762,000,000 IDR

What do operations directors do?

Operations directors keep the company ticking. They have one of the highest paid jobs in Indonesia. These individuals look at the company and determine if goals are being met and if any roadblocks stand in the way. They may also help to eliminate roadblocks by negotiating or helping their team with strategic planning.

Operations directors work closely with other senior stakeholders to communicate about company performance. Generally, these individuals need to have sharp critical-thinking skills as well as interpersonal skills to perform at the highest level.

Average Salary: 190,000,000 IDR

Salary Range: 120,000,000 to 340,000,000 IDR

What do country sales managers do?

Country sales managers in Indonesia work directly with partners to grow revenue for their company. They manage operations by handling clientele directly and always putting the customer first.

Individuals that serve well in this role are typically innovative and are skilled at developing small- and large-scale programs for both employees and customers. Customer support is high priority in this role. 

Average Salary: 259,000,000 IDR

Salary Range: 128,000,000 to 405,000,000 IDR

What do chief people officers do?

Chief people officers are in charge of just that – people. They put teams together that can solve problems and execute company tasks promptly and efficiently. They also manage this team, developing strategies to accomplish goals and meet company targets. 

Individuals in this role put their people first. By analyzing data to determine the company’s needs, they can then recruit the right people to ensure the work is completed accurately and within timelines. 

Average Salary: 513,000,000 IDR

Salary Range: 350,000,000 to 650,000,000 IDR

What do risk directors do?

As implied by the title, risk directors are in charge of managing and analyzing risks the company may take. This means overseeing policies and procedures for the company as well as ensuring the company is adhering to local and federal law. 

Risk directors have a huge role to play, as any mistakes can land the company in serious ethical and legal trouble. These individuals are typically well-organized and have an eye for key details.

Average Salary: 150,000,000 IDR

Salary Range: 80,000,000 to 290,000,000 IDR

What do college professors do?

College professors in Indonesia teach college students about their specifically chosen subjects. They plan and develop lessons, hand out assignments, monitor progress, and assess learning through a variety of means to ensure students are on track. 

Good college professors are often knowledgeable, organized, and have strong communication skills. 

Average Salary: 400,000,000 IDR

Salary Range: 280,000,000 to 510,000,000 IDR

What do software developers do?

Software developers design, edit and recreate computer programs. They also maintain software using various digital tools and test new programs before launching them. This is one of the highest paid jobs in Indonesia.

People in this profession are tech-savvy and enjoy solving technical problems. They also tend to be creative, a skill that helps them design new software and programs. 

Average Salary: 250,000,000 IDR

Salary Range: 130,000,000 to 415,000,000 IDR

What do marketing directors do?

Marketing directors head the company’s marketing department. They are in charge of the marketing team and their numerous plans and projects. They may also work with their teams to develop and implement new marketing strategies and timelines. 

Marketing directors often acquire other marketing experience before aiming for a director’s position. These individuals have communication, creativity, and leadership skills and play a key role in ensuring their department is run smoothly and efficiently. 

Average Salary: 280,000,000 IDR

Salary Range: 104,000,000 to 584,000,000 IDR

What do legal counselors do?

Legal counsel, as the name implies, focuses on legal issues. These individuals have one of the best paying jobs in Indonesia and work directly with their companies to ensure their work abides by local and federal law. They may also provide advice or help develop new strategies to ensure the company’s business remains legal and ethical. 

These individuals typically have a strong moral compass and an eye for detail. They are also well-organized and have good communication skills, so they can handle any legal disputes in a professional and effective manner. 

Average Salary: 240,000,000 IDR

Salary Range: 163,000,000 to 469,000,000 IDR

What do program managers do?

Program managers help their company fulfill its short- and long-term goals. They often oversee teams of professionals that work on these goals to ensure deadlines are met, and projects are completed. Program managers may also help their teams develop and implement new goals and strategies.

These individuals are goal-oriented and enjoy seeing projects come to fruition. They are also highly organized and expert in multitasking. 

Average Salary: 420,000,000 IDR

Salary Range: 280,000,000 to 550,000,000 IDR

What do human resources business managers do?

Human resources business managers work on administrative duties such as scheduling and managing staff. These individuals may handle new hires, terminations, employee benefits, payroll issues, onboarding, and other learning and development matters.

Typically, HR business managers are excellent at relationship-building and communication. They can also multitask and are knowledgeable about various elements occurring in their organization. 

Average Salary: 323,000,000 IDR

Salary Range: 155,000,000 to 423,000,000 IDR

What do actors do?

There are many different actors, but film actors make the highest salaries. These individuals are skilled at memorizing scripts and turning them into screen performances. They often take acting classes and are able to portray any genre or storyline dramatically. 

Actors are flexible and creative. They must also have the excellent concentration to memorize lines and stage directions. 

Average Salary: 1,300,000,000 IDR

Salary Range: 834,000,000 to 1,800,000,000 IDR

What do surgeons do?

Surgeons are one of the highest-paid jobs in Indonesia since they perform life-changing surgery on people. From heart surgeons to brain surgeons, there are many different areas of expertise. . Your desired role largely depends on your medical training and residency experience.

Surgeons must have critical-thinking skills, physical stamina, and manual dexterity. These skills are essential for surgical procedures and for preventing accidental malpractice. 

Average Salary: 250,000,000 IDR

Salary Range: 125,000,000 to 430,000,000 IDR

What do hotel managers do?

Hotel managers are in charge of hotel duties and staff. They work with the front desk, maintenance, room service, and other areas to ensure guests have a fulfilling experience at their hotel. They may also handle recruitment and terminations.

Hotel managers are skilled in customer service and communication. They also excel in organizing since they have to coordinate their teams to keep the hotel functioning efficiently. 

How Can I Find a High Paying Job Opening in Indonesia?

1. Online Job Sites

Online job sites are one of the best ways to find high paying jobs in Indonesia. Sites like Grabjobs can help you find suitable jobs nearby, depending on experience, salary, and location. This makes it easy to find a local job in your desired salary range. Plus, you can often apply for the job through the job site, reducing time and effort. 

2. Networking Events

Another way to find high paying jobs in Indonesia is through networking events. One of the best ways to hear about new opportunities and put yourself out there is by meeting new people in your desired industry! Take the time to really learn about different companies and make genuine connections with professionals at these events. You never know. They could contact you with an unrefusable offer!

3. Job Fairs

Going to a job fair is a great way to find some of the most in-demand job openings in Indonesia. Job fairs are attended by companies actively seeking skilled, enthusiastic employees. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to talk with the job’s representatives first-hand, giving you the upper-hand when  you attend their interview in the future!

4. Referrals

If you want a shoe in to some high demand job openings in Indonesia, your best bet is through a referral. Going to networking events or job fairs are some ways to make yourself known and potentially refer you for future roles. Otherwise, you can depend on ex-coworkers, employers, or friends to refer you for a position. 

Apply for the Highest Paying Jobs in Indonesia today!

If you’re looking for some high demand jobs in Indonesia, putting yourself out there online and in-person are the most suitable methods. With any luck, you’ll find some job openings in Indonesia that pay a generous wage. To get started, consider using GrabJobs for your next job search: we’re happy to help you find the best-paying jobs in Indonesia and enhance your career, whether you’re native or new to the country.

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