Highest Paying Jobs in Oklahoma

Are you looking for high paying jobs in Oklahoma? Find the highest paying jobs in Oklahoma and start applying today!
Highest Paying Jobs in Oklahoma

If you ever wanted to change your state or you are open to a career far from your current residence, you should look at the Oklahoma job market. This list would also be helpful for Oklahoma natives who search for a job that perfectly suits them. It all depends on your skillset and readiness to adjust for a new position. 

Creating a perfect resume to apply and actually land a job is not rocket science. Especially when you can get help from from a professional and together go through a list of skills for resume that would boost your chances to get a position. Having a great resume is a first step in getting closer to the highest paying positions.

How to Get a Higher-Paying Position?

You might be satisfied with your current position, but the lack of growth and increase in salary may be a reason to start looking for other opportunities. Whenever you feel you can contribute more and get more in return, you should look for all possible paths. The best way to assess the situation is to evaluate your skills and search for the best company to fit in. 

It is significant to refresh your CV and write it in a way that would highlight your strongest skills. You can use generic CV-builders, look for 10 tips for writing a resume, or cooperate with resume writing services. Your resume is the first impression HR would get of you, it’s crucial to make it perfect..

Look for the growing industries and trends of the job market. Oklahoma is famous for its resources and power industry. Yet, you still can find a position that would suit you. Among the five biggest cities in Oklahoma, you can find a position that would satisfy your request in:

  • Oklahoma City (669,347);
  • Tulsa (402,742);
  • Norman (126,952);
  • Broken Arrow (112,458);
  • Edmond (96,376);

Every field presented in the list requires the relevant degree and certification. At the same time, some companies might ease requirements for applicants, which is significant for the 2021 job market. It is a perfect chance for those thinking about how to change careers at 50 and people with less experience required for the position. So it is up to you to search for a job that fits your expertise or sign up for qualification courses. 

Health Care

Without a doubt, the health care system is one of the key industries that need professionals. Many people prefer not to get into the system as it is extremely demanding and imposes a lot of responsibilities. Health care is a perfect career for everyone who wants to contribute to society. 

You have to spend about 12 years of medical training and practice to be a practicing physician. At the same time, this job secures you with social benefits and a high salary. 

Power and Resources

Even though the world slowly turns to clean energy, many specialists in the field of resources and traditional energy are still relevant. Oklahoma is famous for its natural gas and crude oil wells. It is a cradle of coal mining as well. Therefore, being a part of the power industry opens new possibilities to research current problems and provide new solutions. 

You need to have an engineering background to be successful in the field. 

Architecture and Urban Planning

Everything that surrounds you in the city and countryside in the area of civil and architecture engineers. This industry is significant to keep the balance between the social, aesthetic, and functional meaning of cities. It is impossible to imagine a flourishing urban space without competent and dedicated specialists. 

You have to finish a masters’ degree in architecture to become an architectural and engineering manager and a masters’ degree in civil engineering.


The education industry concerns both nonprofit and for-profit institutions. It plays a key role in regulations and services provision. At the moment, all sectors of education are changing and adapting to post-pandemic realities. On top of that, education itself grows and searches for new solutions to include more children and provide the best services.

The education sector is demanding and requires a bachelors’ degree in any education-related field. It also requires licensing and regular qualification courses to attend. 

IT and Computer Sciences

IT and computer sciences are some of the most promising fields. More and more people change their career paths to join software and hardware development. Nowadays, it is one of the most interesting industries to recognize: while many positions require a traditional degree, others require certifications and experience.

 It is also one of the most versatile and flexible industries. If you are not a big fan of coding or hardware development, you can join teams responsible for communication and representation. You may contribute to the field as a researcher or analyst, which is also a valuable position on the market. 

Wrapping up

Every industry has its ups and downs. The major indicator that the job you chose will be your dream job is constant growth and improvement. You should always look for opportunities to develop and lead others while getting a decent salary to provide for your home. 

It is true that many essential fields are underfunded or unrecognized. Many career paths also can be reached only after years of hard work and trials. In any case, you should follow your dreams and never give up. 

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