Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs in Vancouver

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Highest Paying Jobs in Vancouver

Like many places in the world, Vancouver, BC experienced a drop in its GDP per capita in 2020. It fell by about 4 percent, but it’s on track to rebound by about 4.9 percent this year.

Equilibrium is on its way to being restored, and the city’s job market is looking promising. There are lots of job opportunities opening up throughout Vancouver, including many highly paid careers.

If you’re a student planning for the future or a seasoned worker looking to make a career change, this guide will help you choose between some of the highest-paying jobs in Vancouver.

What Salary Is Considered Rich in Vancouver?

The average salary in Vancouver is about C$64,000. To be considered rich and live comfortably in this part of Canada, you’d need to earn well over this amount. A salary close to or above C$80,000 to C$100,000 per year would likely allow you to live quite well.

For reference, an average family of four’s living expenses (not including rent) typically cost a little over C$4,000 per month, and a single person’s living expenses come in at around C$1,100 per month. A salary of C$80,000 or more would easily cover that with plenty left over.

What Is the #1 Highest-Paid Position in Vancouver?

Surgeons are the highest-paid workers in Vancouver. On average, they earn around C$478,000 per year, which is more than 7 times the city’s average.

For most people, it’s not surprising that surgeons rank number on the list of highest-paid positions in Vancouver. After all, they put in several years (and invest a lot of money upfront) of schooling before they start practicing, so they deserve to be well compensated for their time and effort.

For those who don’t want to pursue a career as a surgeon, though, there are plenty of other high-paying jobs worth considering in Vancouver. This includes the following:

20. Developer

Average Annual Salary: C$81,194

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19. Social Worker

Average Annual Salary: C$81,671

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18. Physiotherapist

Average Annual Salary: C$85,155

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17. Registered Nurse

Average Annual Salary: C$85,467

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16. Pharmacist

Average Annual Salary: C$88,000

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15. Dental Hygienist

Average Annual Salary: C$98,000

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14. Software Architect

Average Annual Salary: C$110,000

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13. Production Planner

Average Annual Salary: C$110,739

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12. Dentist

Average Annual Salary: C$152,465

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11. Marketing Director

Average Annual Salary: C$172,000

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10. Pilot

Average Annual Salary: C$191,000

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9. Construction Manager

Average Annual Salary: C$220,000

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8. Orthodontist

Average Annual Salary: C$258,000

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7. Chief Financial Officer

Average Annual Salary: C$268,000

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6. Chief Executive Officer

Average Annual Salary: $287,000

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5. Bank Manager

Average Annual Salary: C$306,000

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4. Lawyer

Average Annual Salary: $325,000

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3. Medical Director

Average Annual Salary: C$327,000

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2. Judge

Average Annual Salary: C$402,000

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1. Surgeon

Average Annual Salary: C$478,000

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Top 5 Highest-Paying Industries in Vancouver

Certain industries are known for, generally, paying better than others. If you know you want to work in a specific field but aren’t sure which of the best-paid jobs in Vancouver you want to do, here is a list of some of the highest-paying industries in Vancouver for you to consider:

1. Healthcare

As is the case in many countries throughout the world, the healthcare industry in Vancouver is one of the highest-paying. If you’re looking for a lot of job security and a high salary, there are plenty of great options to consider in the medical field. The following are 3 of the highest-paying jobs to consider:

Top 3 Job Titles

  • Surgeon: Average Salary C$478,000
  • Medical Director: Average Salary C$327,000
  • Orthodontist: Average Salary C$258,000

Job Prospects

It doesn’t matter if you want to work directly with patients as a surgeon, orthodontist, or registered nurse, or if you’d rather work behind the scenes as an administrator or medical director. Regardless of your preferred career path, there’s a lot of money to be made in healthcare in Vancouver, and there are also a lot of jobs to choose from. From all angles, prospects look very good for workers in this industry.

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2. Law

The legal industry is another high-paying industry in Vancouver. Judges, lawyers, legal consultants, and even paralegals can earn very generous salaries working in this field. Considering the amount of schooling these professionals have to put in before they’re qualified to start practicing, though, it makes sense that they’d be compensated well.

The following jobs are the 3 highest-paying positions to consider if you want to earn a great living while working in the legal field:

Top 3 Job Titles

  • Judge: Average Salary C$402,000
  • Lawyer: Average Salary C$325,000
  • Paralegal: Average Salary C$79,738

Job Prospects

Prospects for a career in the legal field are not quite as promising as they are for some other industries. Although lawyers and other legal professionals are compensated very well, the industry is very competitive, and it can sometimes be hard to land a position at all, let alone one with a high salary. This information shouldn’t deter those who are passionate about the law from pursuing a career, but it’s worth keeping in mind, especially when the time comes to start searching for a job.

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3. Finance

Careers related to money are generally some of the highest-paying options in any country or city. Vancouver is no exception. Careers in the finance industry are often very lucrative, and they also tend to come with a lot of room for growth over time, whether you pursue a career in investment banking or financial advice. Here are some of the top finance-related careers you may want to consider if a high salary is important to you:

Top 3 Job Titles

  • Bank Manager: Average Salary C$306,000
  • Chief Financial Officer: Average Salary C$268,000
  • Investment Banker: Average Salary $80194

Job Prospects

Generally speaking, job prospects look very good for those who want to work in the financial industry. There’s always a need for talented, qualified individuals who can offer advice on investments and money management (for individuals and businesses). Because there’s so much room for growth in this industry, there are also lots of opportunities to work one’s way up.

You may not start as a bank manager or CFO, but there’s a good chance you can get there eventually.

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4. Information Technology

The information technology is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, as well as in Vancouver. There are plenty of high-paying jobs in this field, and new positions are opening up all the time across a variety of companies. If you’re passionate about technology, computers, and web or app development and are looking for a career that offers a lot of room for growth, the information technology is a great industry to consider.

Top 3 Job Titles

  • Software Architect: Average Salary C$110,000
  • Developer: Average Salary C$81,194
  • Project Manager: Average Salary C$80181

Job Prospects

Because this industry is growing so rapidly, there are lots of job opportunities available, from entry-level positions to management and leadership roles. If you’re looking for a job that comes with a high salary and plenty of high-demand jobs, the information technology industry is a good one to consider. This industry, like many others on this list, offers a lot of room for growth, too.

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5. Construction

The construction industry is another strong industry in Vancouver that is growing rapidly. There is always a need for construction workers who can oversee and carry out private and public sector projects. Many of the positions in the construction industry pay very well, too, including the 3 listed below:

Top 3 Job Titles

  • Construction Manager: Average salary C$220,000
  • Foreman: Average salary C$92,326
  • Plumber: Average salary C$82,323

Job Prospects

Job prospects in the construction industry look very good now and in the future. After all, there will always be a demand for skilled workers who can assist with all kinds of building projects. One of the best things about jobs in the construction industry is the fact that not all of them require university degrees. There are plenty of highly paid jobs that require less education and can still provide generous salaries, which is good news for those who want to be paid well without having to spend several years in school before they can start their careers.

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Top 5 Highest-Paying Jobs in Vancouver for Fresh Graduates

For those who are currently attending university and are unsure of which career they want to pursue, it’s good to know about the highest-paying jobs in Vancouver for fresh graduates, rather than just the highest-paying industries in Vancouver.

There’s, understandably, a lot of confusion out there when it comes to choosing the right career and finding a path that will lead to a high salary later on. We’re here to try and clear things up, though.

The following are 5 of the best-paid jobs in Vancouver for students to consider pursuing when they’re finished with school:

1. Surgeon

It takes a lot of time and effort to become a surgeon. That time and effort will pay off for fresh graduates, though, when they find a job at a hospital and start raking in a generous salary. New surgeons can easily earn several hundred thousand dollars per year, with lots of opportunity for growth (and, of course, raises) the longer they spend working in a specific hospital.

To become a surgeon in Vancouver, students must first complete an undergraduate degree in medicine, followed by residency training through an accredited program. It then takes an additional 5 years of training and exams before a surgeon can be certified as a specialist in their field.

Clearly, a career in surgery is not for the faint of heart. If you’re willing to put in the effort now, though, you can earn a lot of money later when you graduate. Remember, talented medical professionals are always needed, so your chances of getting hired after graduation look very good. 

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2. Orthodontist

For those who want to work in the healthcare field but don’t want to be surgeons, a career as an orthodontist is another great choice. Orthodontists can also earn a lot of money right after graduating and getting hired at a practice (or starting their own).

Like surgeons, orthodontists have to put in a lot of time and effort to earn their degrees and develop their skills. To become an orthodontist in Vancouver, you’ll need to complete dental school and then complete additional studies in Orthodontics. On average, it takes about 12 years after high school to finish your education and start practicing.

True, it takes a long time before you can graduate and start earning money as an orthodontist. Like doctors and dentists, there’s always a need for orthodontists who can help people improve their smiles, though, so your job prospects look very good if you choose this career path.   

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3. Pilot

Pilots don’t just have exciting careers. They also have very well-paid ones. If you want to earn a lot of money after graduating, an aviation career is another good option to consider.

Before they can start working (and earning high salaries) pilots must put in 2,000 hours of fixed-wing flying time and earn a 3 or 4-year aviation degree. They’ll need to pass certain medical and vision tests, too, and gain additional commercial or military flight experience, depending on the specific type of flying they want to do.

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4. Software Architect

Software architects are some of the highest-paid information technology professionals in Vancouver, and they can earn a lot of money right after graduating.

The typical route one takes to become a software architect starts with earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science (although, some people do choose to go on and earn a master’s degree). From here, you’ll need to gain experience in software development or computer programming, and you’ll need to learn the basics of working with a development team. 

It doesn’t take as long to become a software architect as it does some of the other high-paying careers on this list, and you can still earn a great living right after graduating. If you’re eager to start making money right away and are good with technology, this is a great path to consider.

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5. Social Worker

Social workers also earn good salaries right out of school. They may not make as much money as surgeons, but they also don’t have to spend as much time in school, and they still earn an above-average salary for the Vancouver area.

If you’re thinking about a career in social work, remember that you’ll need to earn at least a Bachelor of Social Work degree (some people choose to work toward a master’s degree or doctoral degree, though, as these advanced degrees can help them to earn more money). You’ll also need to complete supervised practice hours and pass an exam before you can officially begin your career. 

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What Degree Pays the Most in Vancouver?

If you’re looking to land one of the highest-paying jobs in Vancouver for fresh graduates, you’ll need the right training (which, of course, includes a university degree).

This table below breaks down the best degree types to pursue if you want to qualify for a high-paying job as soon as you graduate. You’ll also see the average salary you can earn when you start working in your chosen field.

Degree Type

Potential Salary


Average salary C$478,000


Average salary C$258,000


Average salary C$191,000

Computer Science

Average salary C$110,000

Social Work

Average salary C$81,671

When it comes to getting hired for one of the best-paid jobs in Vancouver, these degrees are all great options that will increase your chances of finding a lucrative career. Of course, though, they’re not the only degrees worth considering.

There are plenty of other degrees that will provide a good return on investment and help you get started on a great career path. This table simply breaks down some of the best-paying options for students who aren’t sure where they want to end up but do know they want to earn a good living right away.

Land One of the Highest-Paying Jobs in Vancouver Today

Are you eager to land one of the highest-paying jobs in Vancouver? As you can see, there are plenty of well-paying jobs here that will help you earn a great salary and pursue a fulfilling career.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to make a career switch or if you are a student planning for the future. Either way, keep this list in mind and start sharpening your skills (whether that means earning your degree, taking supplemental classes, or anything in between) so you can increase your chances of getting hired as quickly as possible.

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