How to Grab The Perfect Work-From-Home Jobs in Singapore

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woman looking for work-from-home jobs on her laptop by the window

In today’s digital age, it’s possible to earn a living with work-from-home jobs in Singapore. As long as you can plug in a laptop, you can put your skills to work and earn a decent income.

If the Circuit Breaker earlier this year taught us anything, it’s that much of our work can be accomplished online. All you need is the right technology and some human ingenuity—both of which Singapore has in abundance. Singapore is an excellent place for digital nomads, too, well-suited for the digital lifestyle with strong, consistent internet.

As many find themselves at home during these unprecedented times, there are many opportunities to safely earn a living from the comfort of your own home. This is great news for people who find that they don’t miss daily commutes to shared workspaces and for those who find that they do their best work at the kitchen table in their pajamas. Earlier this year, 9 out of 10 Singaporeans stated that they enjoyed the convenience of working from home so much that they would like to continue doing so after Coronavirus restrictions were lifted.

How can stay-at-home moms make money?

mom works from home while kid plays on the couch

Work-from-home jobs in Singapore are also ideal for stay-at-home-moms (SAHMs) looking to balance the role of professional and mother to their young children. There are plenty of freelance opportunities that allow you to create your own schedule, choose your own projects, and find fulfillment while earning decent money. One of the biggest blessings of working from home is that work-from-home flexibility allows you to have more control over your own work-life balance. Many find that it enables them to spend more time with their families and enjoy watching their children grow up.

Work-from-home jobs in Singapore aren’t for everyone, though. If you’re not into the idea of being your own boss and taking the time to find the best projects, this path might not be for you. People who work from home are creative, self-motivated, and detail-oriented—traits shared by successful entrepreneurs.

There are several platforms and frameworks that you can use to find jobs and get started right away. However, you will have more freedom and earn more money if you’re willing to put in the legwork to secure new clients and coveted projects on your own.

What jobs can you actually do from home?

girl looks for work from home jobs from a laptop on her sofa

The simplest answer is that if you have a skill that you can market online and an accessible audience, you can often find a way to work from home. These are all jobs that you can do entirely online. The other requirement is that you be able to set aside time and space to accomplish your work. Some work-from-home jobs in Singapore require you to maintain a regular schedule, but most let you work at your own pace as long as you meet the stated deadlines.

Here are 10 of the most common work from home jobs in Singapore:

Writers, editors, and copywriters are in high demand as people move operations online and are working to adapt to changing circumstances. Depending on the skills you possess and the tasks you undertake, Singaporeans can expect to earn about S$20 per hour of work.

Copywriters influence consumer attitudes and work to attract sales by persuading their audiences with words. Editors scan for grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, etc., to refine the copy that has been written.

👉   Browse Writer / Editor / Copy Editor Jobs on GrabJobs

Skills Needed ?

  • Must be familiar with a wide range of writing techniques
  • Have a professional portfolio of writing samples
  • Creative, imaginative
  • Able to adapt writing style to meet different objectives
  • Detail-oriented

Who is it for ?

If you already enjoy writing and think that you might do well at this type of work, these are all everyday tasks that you can find and take on within your schedule. The best way to succeed is to define your specialty and narrow down your options to start.

Customer Service Representatives typically take care of customer service issues and concerns. They serve as the initial contact between customers and internal departments, like tech support or billing. A customer service agent’s average salary is just over between S$10-$30 per hour, depending on the job experience and scope.

👉   Browse Customer Service Representative Jobs on GrabJobs

Skills Needed ?

  • Familiar with product/company
  • High emotional intelligence – friendly, patient, personable disposition.
  • Chat agents need to be tech-savvy
  • Fluency in multiple languages is highly desirable.

Who is it for ?

People with retail or customer service experience dealing with customers can thrive in this position. More chat agent opportunities are available as companies move online, offering plenty of opportunities to find something you enjoy.

If you know how to code or are willing to learn, there is a lot of room for growth as a web developer or designer. These individuals are responsible for creating and updating websites. After the website is up and running, they may be responsible for assisting with maintenance, resolving any IT issues that may come up.

As a web developer, expect to earn between S$8-S$36 per hour. As you develop a professional portfolio of work, you may be able to charge more, taking on entire projects that net a couple thousand dollars each.

👉   Browse Web Developer / Designer Jobs on GrabJobs

Skills Needed ?

  • Must be fluent in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and their frameworks, like Bootstrap
  • Creative and detail-oriented
  • Good at time management

Who is it for ?

If you’re good at coding, there is a massive demand for freelance web design and web management services. These opportunities tend to offer good pay and flexibility.

Virtual Assistants basically help to keep organizations functioning by supporting executives from a remote location. The job varies widely depending on the organization and what you’ll be responsible for. Some virtual assistants are responsible for tasks like emailing or keeping track of expenses.

Other positions will require that you take care of social media management, event management, or coordinate digital marketing efforts. Expect to earn about S$8.25 per hour.

👉   Browse Virtual Assistant Jobs on GrabJobs

Skills Needed ?

  • Must be highly organized
  • Familiar with administrative tasks like managing calendars, scheduling daily tasks.
  • Often required to budget, keep track of finances
  • Researching ability
  • Skilled communicator
  • Multitasker
  • Proficient at Microsoft Office software

Who is it for ?

Virtual assistants often take on a wide variety of responsibilities, so expect to learn quite a bit on the job. You must be organized and good at multi-tasking and communicating.

It’s possible for those with accounting skills to do this work 100% remotely as a SAHM. Your work will depend on the scope of the job. Still, you’ll generally be working to manage accounts, prepare and submit GST or CFP payments, and file documents. Other companies may require you to work with auditors on their behalf as well.

Expect to earn $100 a month to keep the books for a small company with simple accounting requirements. More complex clients will pay more.

👉   Browse Bookkeeper / Accountant Jobs on GrabJobs

Skills Needed ?

  • Accounting degree or ACCA qualification
  • Organized
  • Familiarity with your client’s bookkeeping system

Who is it for ?

If you’ve gone through the effort to obtain a higher-level accounting degree, put it to work from home!
You can do the same work completely online, provided that you are willing to dedicate the time to managing the same set of clients.

Companies need individuals who are familiar with online marketing techniques to help them expand their brand presence. Whether it is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), or e-commerce that is your forte, there are plenty of opportunities to do this work from home in Singapore.

Most digital marketers make S$20 per hour or more with a steady gig.

👉   Browse Digital Marketing Jobs on GrabJobs

Skills Needed ?

  • Must be familiar with technical tools lie Google Analytics, Google Search Console, HubSpot, and Marketo
  • Familiar with technical software like Ahrefs, SEMRush, and Moz
  • Know how to use graphic design software, like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Premiere Pro

Who is it for ?

People who have an advertising background and know how to attract their target audience will excel in this area. At the end of the day, digital marketers are just more efficient salesmen.

If you’re social media savvy, you may freelance to develop a social media strategy or use different analytical tools to help you track the performance of your social media posts and engagement.

Anticipate charging about $20 per hour.

👉   Browse Social Media Manager Jobs on GrabJobs

Skills Needed ?

  • Must be familiar with technical tools lie Google Analytics, Google Search Console, HubSpot, and Marketo
  • Familiar with technical software like Ahrefs, SEMRush & Moz
  • Know how to use graphic design software, like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Have a thorough understanding of User Experience and a sharp eye for aesthetics

Who is it for ?

Suppose you’re social media savvy or willing to learn how to optimize digital marketing performance. In that case, this can be a fun job to do from home.

With large numbers of students completing their work from home, online tutors are in high demand. Many live stream classes to single or small groups of students from the comfort of their home. As digital learning continues to expand, tutors in a variety of subjects are needed.

Most tutors earn about S$45 per hour, depending on their qualifications and the subject matter. To tutor, you may be required to develop your own lesson plans or spend time familiarizing yourself with your students’ curriculum outside of the actual instruction time.

👉   Browse Online Tutor Jobs on GrabJobs

Skills Needed ?

  • Qualified and proficient in your subject matter (higher-level degrees preferred)
  • Skilled communicators
  • Up to date with current curriculum

Who is it for ?

Online tutoring is a great way to maintain your academic skillset, but you must be patient. For teachers, it may be a viable way to supplement their income.

Graphic designers are responsible for creating captivating images—everything from logos to prints to billboards or signs. Thankfully, graphic designers can command a decent salary working from home. The best way to start in this field is to create a portfolio of your artwork to show potential clients.

Graphic designers make S$10-S$28 per hour, but experienced artists can make thousands on a single large-scale project.

👉   Browse Graphic Designer Jobs on GrabJobs

Skills Needed ?

  • Creative and artistic
  • Detail-oriented
  • Well versed in graphic design software, like Adobe Creative Suite, AutoCAD, and Wacom tablets.

Who is it for ?

If you are artistically inclined and familiar with the software required, graphic design offers a lot of flexibility. You must work well alone and manage your time effectively to make this a worthwhile pursuit.

It isn’t glamorous, but data entry offers a predictable way to work from home. It is readily available and easy to execute from home. Though the work may be repetitive, it can be an excellent way to pick up a few extra dollars when you can find the time.

If you are willing to do data entry in addition to calling or surveying, you can earn up to S$10-S$14 per hour.

👉   Browse Data Entry Jobs on GrabJobs

Skills Needed ?

  • Touch typing is a huge asset because many jobs are billed by the task
  • Detail-oriented

Who is it for ?

Data entry is great for those who want a simple, straightforward way to earn money without building a client base or working with a particular customer. Though it does require a bit of attention, it doesn’t require a lot of creativity.

What is the best way to find work-from-home jobs in Singapore?

lady looks for work-from-home jobs on her laptop

You have several options for finding the best work from home jobs in Singapore. Recruitment sites like BeamStart, Monster, JobCentral Singapore, Careerbuilder, Gumtree, and GrabJobs are great places to start your search. Even if you don’t find anything that fits your exact criteria initially, it’ll give you a good idea of the available opportunities and ways that you can market yourself.

Individuals who cater to clients on a retainer/monthly/per-project basis offer a turnkey set of services to earn more money. The best way to secure these positions is to build up a portfolio of work and satisfied clients to present as you work to generate an interested lead. Reach out to your personal connections, or volunteer in positions to get your name and your work out there so that you can get noticed.

What are the best websites to find work-from-home jobs in Singapore?

Several remote job portals provide work from home opportunities. Consider these 10 as a good place to start your search.

The Top 10 Job Portals for Work-from-Home Jobs

Portal Name

Type of Work



100% free


20% of each sale goes to the platform


Upwork is paid 5% of the fee collected by the freelancer

Customer Service / Chat Agent

Agents are paid an hourly wage, fees undisclosed

Various, Singapore specific

No fees or commissions charged


Paid by the word; cost undisclosed

Writing, proofreading, editing, accounting, etc.

10% fee charged to freelancers per project/hour


Pay a $14.95 monthly fee or $49.95 for the year


20% fees on the first £250; 7.5% for the rest

Web design, graphic design

15% commission on design charges

On these sites, you’ll have the option to post tasks that employers can purchase or bid on jobs that companies have listed.

How can I work from home with no experience?

lady at a desk looking for work-from-home jobs on her laptopher laptop

It may take a bit more energy to establish your reputation without experience or credentials. Still, there are plenty of opportunities to showcase your work and represent your skill. The anonymity of the internet can work in your favor – just work hard and let your work speak for itself.

What do I need to work from home?

desk showing the tools you need to work from home

Most jobs require a functional computer with a reliable internet connection. If you are required to speak, a landline phone connection may be necessary, too. Otherwise, you’ll need access to the software needed for your chosen field and the time and space to produce your best work.

SAHMs will find it imperative to draw clear boundaries around their time and space to make working from home viable. With proper time and household management and the entire family’s participation, work at home jobs in Singapore will benefit the whole unit.


There are so many opportunities available to work from home as the world continues to move online. The ability to work remotely has reshaped modern life and will continue to do so. The jobs on this list are in high demand, and companies seek to outsource tasks to individuals who are qualified and prepared to perform them. As companies continue to work remotely in the future, the demand for these positions will remain high.

Start with what you are good at. High-level training commands a premium that makes working from home worthwhile. From there, branch out to what you enjoy. Prepare to invest time initially to develop your niche. Perhaps as your children grow up, you’ll have more time and find the need to increase your workload. Regardless of what you choose to do or how you go about finding what you do, the flexibility of remote work is enticing and can be quite rewarding.

To land some of the best jobs in any of these work from home fields, take a look at these tips for customizing and perfecting your CV.

And if you’re ready to look for jobs, check out work-from-home jobs on GrabJobs!

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