3 Ways to Make Your Job Application Stand Out

How to make your job application stand out

It’s the start of a brand new year! Some of us may be making our new year resolutions and pondering of career-changing decisions. Have you been considering a switch in job roles or perhaps, starting down a different industry path altogether? Thinking about the dreary job application process again? Fret not – here are 3 ways to make your job application stand out from others!

The moment you send out job applications to the companies you’re interested in, you’re essentially putting yourself out for comparison against other candidates. This automatically means that your application needs to present yourself in the best way possible. 

Moreover, the competition to get a job is always at a peak in Singapore with so many interested candidates for that one particular position. In order to stand out and win the attention of your potential future employer, we have to make sure that your job application is of top-notch quality. 

The job hunting process is already mind-boggling and frustrating as it is. Don’t worry, though. In this article, you’ll be able to find 3 tips and tricks to help you churn out that perfect job application. Let’s get right into it!

As always, check the rules and regulations detailed on the MOM webpage to be sure that you are abiding by the law when working in Singapore. If ever in doubt, contact them either through an email or phone enquiry to ask your questions. 

If everything is looking good, let’s jump right in!

Which of the following ways to make your job application stand out do you find the most useful?

Tip 1: Matching your resume to the job

To some, this may seem like a given rule. To others, mass-sending your resumes out to potential employers may cause you to generalise your resume. In order to make your job application stand out from others, you will have to match your resume to the job you are applying for. 

Now, what exactly does that mean? Matching your resume to each job opportunity means catering the details of your past work experience to suit the descriptions of what your potential employer may be looking for. 

This does not mean fabricating work experiences that you’ve not participated or contributed to before, though. It simply means taking 10 minutes of your time to paraphrase some of the keywords you use in your resume to market yourself. 

For instance, if you’re applying for the role of an editor, make sure no grammatical mistakes or typos are present in your portfolio and resume. Different job positions require different candidates to approach their job applications slightly differently. 

Keep this in mind and take a couple of minutes to cater your resume to each individual job application. You’re more likely to hear back from companies after employing this little tip!

Tip 2: Follow up

Let’s imagine this scenario: so you’ve been shortlisted and contacted for a job interview. You attend the interview and then it’s radio silence. You don’t know if the company will contact you and you’re wondering if you should reach out to them instead? 

But will that make you seem desperate? Should you just wait it out a little longer? What if they hire someone else instead? What should you do?

Follow up! It’s as simple as that 🙂 

Most companies and employees hold interviews by scheduling interested candidates for a chat at different times. More often than not, these employees also have other tasks to get to and may have just missed out on reaching out to you! 

Following up with an email after your interview is a simple gesture that demonstrates you are interested in the position. It gets your name and job application noticed too. 

If it works, it works out! Worth a shot, anyway 😉

Tip 3: Convey your passion

One of the lessons I’ve learnt from working multiple jobs with numerous businesses is that passion is everything. 

You can’t fake passion in your work and the ones hiring you can pick up on this intuition. Demonstrate your genuine interest in the company and your specific field of work to make your job application stand out from others. 

If you have a portfolio of work catering demonstrated experience to your field of passion, this would be the time to showcase it!

If you indulge your spare time in said passion or hobbies related to this interest, share that with your potential employers too! This will further create an impression as to how much of your time you truly enjoy dedicating to this specific passion of yours. 

That’s 3 tips and tricks to help you make your job application stand out from your competitors! 

We hope this article helps you get some ideas to improve your job hunting experience. 

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