15 Jobs ChatGPT will replace in Singapore

Explore the top 15 Jobs ChatGPT will replace in Singapore! Learn which job industries will be impacted first by the rise of AI!
Jobs ChatGPT will replace in Singapore

15 Jobs ChatGPT will replace in Singapore

One of the wealthiest countries in the world, and the second-most expensive city in the world to live in (and the most expensive in all of Asia), Singapore’s economy is rock solid thanks to a dedicated workforce that values the hands-on approach to getting the job done and taking home a well-earned paycheck.

However, in this day and age––especially in a post-COVID-19 planet––the idea of what constitutes a job is changing. The advent of Artificial Intelligence, or AI, as well as AI-based programs like ChatGPT, are making some jobs in Singapore obsolete, threatening livelihoods all over the country.

In this article, we will share the jobs ChatGPT will replace in Singapore–and what you can do to prepare yourself for the future.

What is ChatGPT––And How Can it Replace Jobs in Singapore?

ChatGPT is an advanced language model developed by OpenAI that uses artificial intelligence to generate automatic conversational responses to questions when prompted. It is designed to interpret and mimic human-like text, making it useful for different types of applications. And even Singapore’s vibrant hub of innovation and technological advancements is not immune to the changes as many jobs are at risk of being replaced by the efficiency and versatility of ChatGPT.

Although job automation has been in existence for decades––some types of jobs simply become obsolete over time and with new technologies introduced––significant advancements in AI have made programs like ChatGPT capable of performing tasks traditionally done by humans. This has both positive and negative implications for the Singapore job market.


  • ChatGPT can increase efficiency and productivity
  • ChatGPT allows humans to adapt to new technologies and develop more varied skillsets
  • ChatGPT creates opportunities for professionals to focus on higher-level tasks, allowing them to position themselves for new job opportunities


  • ChatGPT can potentially lead to job losses and economic disruption
  • The use of ChatGPT raises important ethical considerations, including those around legalities and data privacy
  • With continued use of ChatGPT, policymakers will need to establish regulations that protect workers’ rights while encouraging responsible AI adoption in the workplace

Jobs in Singapore that cannot be replaced by ChatGPT

While job automation is not a new concept, professionals in Singapore are unlikely to be replaced by machines or programs with AI capabilities in several different fields. Most positions that are immune to AI involve areas in which one human being provides a physical skill and/or service to another human being. Some of the most popular roles include:

  • Commercial or professional artists: Try as it might, AI is no match for human creativity. The nuances of skills inherently developed to create visual, audio, digital, or traditional forms of media are entirely unique to humans
  • Lawyers: These professionals use rational thinking, reasoning, judgment, and high levels of astute interpretation in order to change laws and protect victims from unjust decisions. It will be a long time before trial defendants ask for robots to help them win their cases over a human lawyer
  • Healthcare professionals: There may be a day when people in need of immediate or long-term health care ask for AI to assist them, but that likely won’t be any time soon. Healthcare professionals like nurses, doctors, and surgeons, use intricate decision-making skills and demonstrate empathy in order to aid patients in need
  • Scientists: Scientists have specialized skillset, including critical thinking, intuition, and the ability to adapt complex arguments and challenges, in order to land on essential work that betters the lives of people and the planet. This type of learning is too critical to replace with AI
  • Entrepreneurs: Motivated thinkers and business-minded people need to start somewhere. And thankfully they still can. While AI may be useful to them once their companies are up and running, in the early stages, it’s all about human thinking and drives
  • Personal care workers: This line of work requires a strong amount of human connectedness, not to mention empathy, emotional intelligence, and solid interpersonal skills––none of which AI has mastered (or likely ever will)
  • Teachers: Professional teachers, and especially educators at the university or college level, use creativity and human interaction to connect with students so that a genuine impression can be developed and nurtured by way of education and personability
  • Writers: When prompted by the user, ChatGPT can spit out a random series of words that are mostly coherent and on-topic. However, finessing those words into a meaningful and cogent piece of short or long-form writing––whether it’s a newspaper article or a novel––should be left up to the professional writers who inject personality into their work that no robot can replicate

The Top 15 Jobs in Singapore That Will be Replaced by ChatGPT

Job description: Traditional customer service jobs involve providing support and information to clients using various channels, including phone calls, emails, and live chats. They are responsible for answering inquiries and addressing complaints.

Average salary: SGD 2,500 per month

How AI can replace: Entry-level customer service agents who manage repetitive and straightforward inquiries are most likely to be replaced by ChatGPT. Such roles often involve providing routine information or following predefined scripts, which can be easily automated by AI-powered systems.

Job description: Data entry clerks handle and organize data while managing schedules and performing additional clerical tasks. These types of roles require strong attention to detail, accuracy, and efficient organization of information.

Average salary: SGD 1,800 per month

How AI can replace: ChatGPT can streamline data entry tasks by automatically entering information from different sources. It can understand and generate human-like text, significantly aiding in filling forms and producing reports.

Job description: Telemarketing jobs involve contacting potential customers, promoting products or services, and closing sales. These roles require strong communication skills, product knowledge, and the ability to build relationships with people over the phone.

Average salary: SGD 2,200 per month

How AI can replace: ChatGPT can automate certain aspects of telemarketing and sales by engaging customers in conversations, providing product information, and answering common questions. With its ability to understand and respond naturally, ChatGPT can assist in lead generation and initial customer interactions, thereby reducing the need for a large telemarketing or sales team.

Job description: Computer programmers are responsible for writing, modifying, and testing coded scripts that allow computer software and applications to function properly.

Average salary: SGD 8,500 per month

How AI can replace: While there are challenges faced by ChatGPT when interpreting text and making it sound coherent, it is, in fact, incredibly useful for crunching numbers. In many cases, ChatGPT can produce code faster than most humans.

Job description: Translation services play a key role in bridging language barriers and assisting with effective communication across countries. Translators help businesses to expand their reach; they also help individuals navigate cross-cultural interactions.

Average salary: SGD 3,400 per month

How AI can replace: ChatGPT can translate text and provide real-time interpretation in multiple languages quickly and accurately. It is slowly challenging traditional translation and interpretation services by offering faster and more cost-effective solutions.

Job description: Financial advisors offer expert guidance and support to individuals and businesses in navigating a complex landscape of numbers and balances. They provide personalized advice while ensuring legal compliance with regulations, to help clients make informed financial decisions.

Average salary: SGD 6,500 per month

How AI can replace: ChatGPT is becoming more capable of automating basic financial tasks. It can provide users with standardized information, generate contracts, and assist with simple advisory services. However, more complex matters often require specialized expertise and nuanced judgment.

Job description: Clinical and scientific researchers conduct extensive investigations using journal articles, newspaper sources, questionnaires, surveys, and interviews in order to gather data to test their theories. They then analyze and interpret their findings against their theories to make major decisions.

Average salary: SGD 7,200 per month

How AI can replace: Today, you can provide ChatGPT with a bunch of data, tell it to analyze that data, include some hypotheses, test them out and then write a research paper. The research paper and its findings likely won’t get published in a respectable journal, but it’s still early days.

Job description: Content creation careers often involve crafting persuasive written material for websites, social media, and advertisements. Creators are skilled at captivating audiences, driving brand awareness, and promoting products or services through their creative and strategic use of language.

Average salary: SGD 3,000 per month

How AI can replace: ChatGPT can generate relevant written content, making it a potential competitor to human content creators. However, it lacks the human creativity that differentiates good work from exceptional content.

Job description: Journalists use analytical and creative skills to research topics covering a wide range of interests, report on details, and conduct interviews to get their points across. Their jobs are at the forefront of print and digital news media.

Average salary: SGD 4,000 per month

How AI can replace: Thanks to the existence of so many news articles in the digital stratosphere, ChatGPT can do extensive background research and spit out reams of relevant information in article-length layouts. However, you still need to verify such information and transform it into a story, which only a human can do. Journalists should pay attention to AI advancements in their field.

Job description: In equally valuable roles within the legal industry, paralegals and legal assistants are responsible for consuming large amounts of information, distilling the findings, and then turning those findings into a palatable legal brief or opinion.

Average salary: SGD 5,400 per month

How AI can replace: ChatGPT can fulfill all of the steps mentioned above, including analyzing and sourcing information and legal precedents and presenting examples in a professional format.

Job description: Traders buy and sell securities on financial markets, typically on behalf of private individuals or companies. They use economic data and economic trends to predict the success or failure of these securities, using strong analytical and strategy skills

Average salary: SGD 4,800 per month

How AI can replace: Because trading is such a timely profession, the data on which ChatGPT has been trained may not include the most up-to-date market conditions that a real-life trader would know. However, as AI becomes more intuitive, these can have lasting effects on the trading industry long-term.

Job description: Marketers use analytical and strategy skills to research trends and changes within their industry, anticipating how those changes can be adapted to their projects and campaigns.

Average salary: SGD 3,400 per month

How AI can replace: ChatGPT can harness these same analytical and strategy capabilities, combing the web to find comparable findings and presenting them in coherent marketable presentation decks.

Job description: Graphic designers create visual elements like logos, images, and illustrations to help deliver cohesive messaging for brands and businesses. They produce design layouts, colors, and typefaces, presenting their concepts to clients.

Average salary: SGD 2,900 per month

How AI can replace: In addition to text, ChatGPT can also generate images in seconds, meaning that minor graphic design work can likely be 100% completed by AI. For small businesses, this could be a major cost-saving effort preferable to hiring a dedicated graphic designer.

Job description: Accountants are heavily valued for their analytical thinking. They are mostly responsible for auditing financial documents and procedures, comparing and reconciling bank statements, and calculating tax payments for clients and businesses.

Average salary: SGD 4,500 per month

How AI can replace: ChatGPT has the potential to alleviate accountants from more mundane tasks like creating formulas, assisting with accounting transactions, and low-level computer programming or basic coding. However, it cannot complete a person’s tax returns so it is unlikely to completely replace the human touch.

Job description: Simply put, drivers drive––cars, trucks, vans, and bicycles––to get products from point A to point B. Before AI, these types of roles were typically thought to be ONLY fulfilled by humans.

Average salary: SGD 2,200 per month

How AI can replace: While ChatGPT specifically cannot replace drivers, other AI technologies are already being used by major companies like Tesla in the manufacturing of self-driving vehicles. These are controversial decisions that face heavy regulatory issues, but who knows what the future of driving and delivery will bring?

The Top Jobs in Singapore That Will be Replaced by ChatGPT

The rise of ChatGPT poses both opportunities and challenges in Singapore’s thriving job market. While some jobs ChatGPT will replace in Singapore indeed, it is important to acknowledge that AI technologies like ChatGPT are currently being used as tools to enhance human capabilities rather than replace them entirely. GrabJobs can help you find jobs in Singapore that integrate AI, and those that are currently immune to programs like ChatGPT. 

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