Top 15 Jobs ChatGPT will replace in the Philippines

Identify the top 15 jobs in the Philippines that AI like ChatGPT could transform, impacting industries from telemarketing to tech support.
Top 15 Jobs ChatGPT will replace in the Philippines

Top 15 Jobs ChatGPT will replace in the Philippines

For the millions of people that represent the workforce in The Philippines, bringing home a decent wage and salary are vital. While the general cost of living in the country is consistently regarded as average (yet still significantly lower than most Western countries), Filipinos are known for appreciating the value of the peso. But in this global economy, the threat of Artificial Intelligence, or AI, as well as AI-based programs like ChatGPT, is significantly changing the landscape of countless careers and industries.

In this article, we will share some jobs ChatGPT will replace in the Philippines –and what you can do to prepare yourself for the future.

What is ChatGPT––And How Can it Replace Jobs in The Philippines?

The ramifications of ChatGPT and its ongoing evolution and improvement of jobs within many industries cannot be dismissed. While known for its solid economy, The Philippines is no exception to this trend. While the adoption of ChatGPT may bring numerous benefits such as increased efficiency and productivity, it also poses challenges for certain industries and job roles.

Job automation has existed for years––some jobs just become obsolete over time. Major advancements in AI have made it possible for programs like ChatGPT to recognize and execute tasks that are traditionally performed by humans. The job market in The Philippines is heavily influenced by similar factors, many of which carry positive and negative implications.


  • ChatGPT can increase efficiency and productivity
  • ChatGPT allows humans to adapt to new technologies and develop more varied skillsets
  • ChatGPT creates opportunities for professionals to focus on higher-level tasks, allowing them to position themselves for new job opportunities


  • ChatGPT can potentially lead to job losses and economic disruption
  • The use of ChatGPT raises important ethical considerations, including those around legalities and data privacy
  • With continued use of ChatGPT, policymakers will need to establish regulations that protect workers’ rights while encouraging responsible AI adoption in the workplace

Jobs in The Philippines that cannot be replaced by ChatGPT

Workers in The Philippines are not necessarily guaranteed to be replaced by machines or programs with AI capabilities in all industries in a matter of months or years. However, some jobs are mostly immune to AI, especially those involved in areas in which one human being provides a physical skill and/or service to another human being. Some of these positions include:

  • Scientists:Scientists have a specialized skillset, including critical thinking, intuition, and the ability to adapt complex arguments and challenges, in order to land on essential work that betters the lives of people and the planet. This type of learning is too critical to replace with AI
  • Lawyers:These professionals use rational thinking, reasoning, judgment, and high levels of astute interpretation in order to change laws and protect victims from unjust decisions. It will be a long time before trial defendants ask for robots to help them win their cases over a human lawyer  
  • Healthcare professionals: There may be a day when people in need of immediate or long-term health care ask for AI to assist them, but that likely won’t be any time soon. Healthcare professionals like nurses, doctors, and surgeons, use intricate decision-making skills and demonstrate empathy to aid patients in need
  • Entrepreneurs:Motivated thinkers and business-minded people need to start somewhere. And thankfully they still can. While AI may be useful to them once their companies are up and running, in the early stages, it’s all about human thinking and drive
  • Commercial or professional artists: Try as it might, AI is no match for human creativity. The nuances of skills inherently developed to create visual, audio, digital, or traditional forms of media are unique to humans
  • Personal care workers:This line of work requires a strong amount of human connectedness, not to mention empathy, emotional intelligence, and solid interpersonal skills––none of which AI has mastered (or likely ever will)
  • Writers:When prompted by the user, ChatGPT can spit out a random series of words that are mostly coherent and on-topic. However, finessing those words into a meaningful and cogent piece of short or long-form writing––whether it’s a newspaper article or a novel––should be left up to the professional writers who inject personality into their work that no robot can replicate
  • Teachers:Professional teachers, and especially educators at the university or college level, use creativity and human interaction to connect with students so that a genuine impression can be developed and nurtured by way of education and personability

The Top 15 Jobs in The Philippines That Will be Replaced by ChatGPT

Job description: Traditional customer service jobs involve providing support and information to clients using various channels, including phone calls, emails, and live chats. They are responsible for answering inquiries and addressing complaints.

Average salary: PHP 35,000 per month

How AI can replace: Replacing entry-level customer service agents with ChatGPT can aid in handling repetitive customer inquiries. The AI-based program can also manage large call volumes which can greatly result in quicker response times.

Job description: Telemarketing jobs involve contacting potential customers, promoting products or services, and closing sales. These roles require strong communication skills, product knowledge, and the ability to build relationships with people over the phone.

Average salary: PHP 21,000 per month

How AI can replace: With its ability to understand and respond naturally, ChatGPT can assist in lead generation and initial customer interactions, thereby reducing the need for a large telemarketing or sales team.

Job description: Data entry clerks handle and organize data while managing schedules and performing additional clerical tasks. These types of roles require strong attention to detail, accuracy, and efficient organization of information.

Average salary: PHP 38,000 per month

How AI can replace: ChatGPT generates human-like text, significantly aiding in filling forms and producing reports. It can simplify data entry tasks by automatically entering information from multiple sources.

Job description: These roles are at the forefront of customer service in that they greet bank customers, process their accounts, and dispense money and/or financial information all while handling large sums of money.

Average salary: PHP 58,000 per month

How AI can replace: ChatGPT can accomplish all of the above steps (as is evident by the existence of ATM machines). And unlike with physical bank tellers, the opportunities for human error are smaller.

Job description: Work across various industries, HR coordinators manage many daily tasks that keep a company running, including hiring employees and handling sensitive, interpersonal issues.

Average salary: PHP 49,000 per month

How AI can replace: ChatGPT can be programmed to recognize keywords from candidate resumes, analyze applications, and forward desirable job candidates to a physical recruiter at a higher level.

Job description: Brokers, including insurance brokers, foreign exchange dealers, and stockbrokers, oversee the investment portfolios of clients. They perform in-depth market research and monitor trends to advise individuals or businesses on how to best manage their accounts.

Average salary: PHP 105,000 per month

How AI can replace: Given ChatGPT’s data mining capabilities, not to mention the efficient way in which it can present findings and strategies at lightning speed compared to human-based researching, it is a prominent candidate for offsetting many brokers’ less important day-to-day responsibilities.  


Job description: Translation services play a key role in bridging language barriers and assisting with effective communication across countries. Translators help businesses to expand their reach; they also help individuals navigate cross-cultural interactions.

Average salary: PHP 90,000 per month

How AI can replace: ChatGPT’s ability to translate text in multiple languages is greatly efficient. Unlike traditional translation services that require human involvement, ChatGPT relies on advanced machine learning algorithms to deliver quick and accurate results.

Job description: Financial advisors offer expert guidance and support to individuals and businesses in navigating a complex landscape of numbers and balances. They provide personalized advice while ensuring legal compliance with regulations, to help clients make informed financial decisions.

Average salary: PHP 121,000 per month

How AI can replace: ChatGPT is becoming more capable of automating basic financial tasks. It can provide users with standardized information, generate contracts, and assist with simple advisory services. However, more complex matters often require specialized expertise and nuanced judgment.

Job description: Social media customer care associates handle responses from online viewers on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. These roles involve responding to inquiries, resolving problems, and escalating issues when necessary.

Average salary: PHP 49,000 per month

How AI can replace: Online bots have been taking over the roles of physical social media players for years, as they perform similar functions. However, unlike human beings, AI-based programs like ChatGPT can be available to customers 24/7.

Job description: A receptionist is usually the first person you go to once you’ve entered a professional building or healthcare provider’s office. They arrange appointments, provide scheduling, and prepare visitors for what’s in store.

Average salary: PHP 28,000 per month

How AI can replace: Receptionists have already witnessed AI-based programs overtaking many aspects of their jobs over the years, including answering commonly asked questions over the phone or online, booking schedules, and other major administrative tasks.

Job description: Content creation careers often involve crafting persuasive written material for websites, social media, and advertisements. Creators are skilled at captivating audiences, driving brand awareness, and promoting products or services through their creative and strategic use of language.

Average salary: PHP 51,000 per month

How AI can replace: Human content creators possess a unique blend of imagination, intuition, and emotional intelligence that allows them to produce truly outstanding pieces. However, ChatGPT’s impressive ability to generate relevant written and visual content will save a lot more time.

Job description: Accountants are heavily valued for their analytical thinking. They are mostly responsible for auditing financial documents and procedures, comparing and reconciling bank statements, and calculating tax payments for clients and businesses.

Average salary: PHP 85,000 per month

How AI can replace: While ChatGPT can assist accountants in various ways, such as automating formula creation and providing guidance on accounting transactions, it may not be capable of completely replacing human accountants when it comes to complex tasks like tax returns.

Job description: Translation services play a key role in bridging language barriers and assisting with effective communication across countries. Translators help businesses to expand their reach; they also help individuals navigate cross-cultural interactions.

Average salary: RM 7,200 per month

How AI can replace: ChatGPT can improve the work of a systems analyst, helping them to do their jobs better by giving them data-driven insights and automating repetitive tasks. This allows the human analysts to focus on higher-level analysis and make more strategic decisions.

Job description: Collections agents are employed by companies to help carry out debt resolutions from client bases. They typically identify customers who own delinquent accounts and follow up with them to collect payments or set up reimbursement procedures.

Average salary: PHP 40,000 per month

How AI can replace: ChatGPT can replicate human collections agents, chasing the same delinquent clients by following pre-written scripts, and setting up similar processes for payment reimbursement.

Job description: Cashiers are responsible for processing orders in person––whether that is ringing up groceries, scanning UPC codes on clothing or other goods––and performing inventory on sales based on consumer purchases.

Average salary: PHP 19,000 per month

How AI can replace: We are already seeing robots and AI-based programs replacing service workers in supermarkets and other hospitality venues. ChatGPT can replicate human-like text and recognize commonly asked questions. For workers like cashiers, it is likely only a matter of time before cost-saving measures are more widely implemented.

The Top Jobs in The Philippines That Will be Replaced by ChatGPT

As ChatGPT continues to gain popularity, job markets around the world will continue to face challenges. Some jobs ChatGPT will replace in the Philippines while others will be transformed entirely––and it is important to understand the role that AI technologies will have in shaping the future. GrabJobs can help you find jobs in The Philippines that integrate AI, and those that are currently immune to programs like ChatGPT. 

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