Top 20 No-Experience Jobs in the Philippines

Looking for the best 20 No-Experience Jobs in the Philippines? Find the 20 Best Jobs in the Philippines that don’t require experience with Grabjobs!
No-Experience Jobs in the Philippines

Top 20 No-Experience Jobs in the Philippines

In The Philippines, the general cost of living is consistently regarded as fair –– and considerably lower than in many Western countries. In fact, the current unemployment rate sits around 4.8%, which is considerably lower than even one year earlier. Still, despite the promising economic status, it is important to work wherever you live in The Philippines. There has never been a better time to look for a solid starting point in your professional career in order to cover the incremental costs that are inevitable, especially for those living in major cities like Manila, Quezon City, and Caloocan.

If you are thinking of moving to The Philippines from abroad for work, there are a number of different permits you will need to consider based on the type of work you plan to do: whether it’s a Temporary Visitor’s Visa for Business Purposes, an International Treaty Trader Permit, a Provisional Work Permit, or an Alien Employment Permit (AEP). As in many Asian countries, you will also likely need a job offer and an employment contract before you will even be considered for any one of the permits or visas

In this article, we will share helpful tips for landing a no-experience job in the Philippines, as well as the best positions available––and what you need to do to stand out from the nation’s other job seekers. 

The 20 Best Jobs in The Philippines That Don’t Require Experience





PHP 120,000 per month

Accenture, Honda, Keyword Studios


PHP 25,000 per month

LalaFood, Grab, Food Panda


PHP 18,000 per month

Starbucks, John Clements, Happy Lemon Group


PHP 35,000 per month

Global Strategic, Six Eleven Teleservices, FIS Global


PHP 75,000 per month

Philippine Airlines, AirAsia, Cebu Pacific Air


PHP 22,000 per month

Procter and Gamble, Technokids, Office Mates


PHP 50,000 per month

Online Philippines, Blue Spark, AECOM


PHP 19,000 per month

Ikano-Retail, Royal Cargo, Yoki Group


PHP 40,000 per month

Montana West, Monroe Consulting, Boomerang Inc.


PHP 17,000 per month

Storylines, Espacio by Margaret Wellness Spa


PHP 28,000 per month

Chevron, Worca, Hello Fresh


PHP 68,000 per month

Polytechnic University of The Philippines, Enderun


PHP 44,000 per month

Bata Philippines, Ninja Van, Puma, Aux


PHP 21,000 per month

AGM Inc., Realme, The Four Seasons Hotel Group


PHP 30,000 per month

Accor Hotels, Ted’s Montana Grill. Raffles


PHP 35,000 per month

Motoworld, Gingersnaps, Colourette, Vito Group


PHP 20,000 per month

La Quinta Inn, We Clean Philippines, Mitie


PHP 16,000 per month

RAF International, UPS, Largen Med Inc.


PHP 24,000 per month

Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Movenpick, Accor Hotels 


PHP 22,000 per month

Amptax Transport, Easy Taxi, GoCatch

Job description: A popular job in many Asian-speaking countries, translator roles are in high demand due to the increase in foreign investment opportunities in The Philippines and the surrounding areas. Translating Tagalog or Cebuano into English, French, Mandarin, and German is a skill that will take any candidate far.

Job description: With popular brands like LalaFood, Grab, and Food Panda on the rise in The Philippines, job seekers with their own mode of transportation might consider delivering food to homes and businesses. An easy job that requires no experience, food delivery drivers receive good pay and work flexible hours.

Job description: Baristas are crucial hospitality players in that they are responsible for the quick and efficient preparation of coffee and caffeinated beverages that keep Filipinos operating at their highest energy level possible. Not only do they work in extremely fast-paced environments, but they also clean, open, and close cash registers and order products. 

Job description: Some people have a natural gift for connecting with others and know just the right words to say to sway their decision-making. If this sounds like you, a job in a call center could be a good fit. In The Philippines, many companies let employees perform these jobs from home and work around flexible schedules. They are also very straightforward roles that involve following a script so no experience is expected. 

Job description: Flight Attendants are responsible for ensuring the safety, comfort, and security of passengers before, during, and after flight take-off. They not only provide customer service when dispensing meals and refreshments, but they also assist flyers with immigration questions and destination tips –– all while creating a sound environment aboard the airplane. Applying to work as a flight attendant in The Philippines usually comes with specialized training, so extensive experience is not always required.

Job description: This is typically an entry-level position that plays an essential role in the day-to-day operations of a company or corporation. These types of jobs can be critical components of a resume and most industries will have similar positions available. 

Job description: Companies in The Philippines with products or services to sell often need to get their information out to customers using memorable and visually appealing methods. This is where a graphic designer comes in. These positions are filled by those with great creative flair, physical and computer design skills, and a solid portfolio of powerful work. If your portfolio and skills are good enough, many companies will evaluate that over work experience.

Job description: While working in a warehouse is a relatively routine and repetitive job, it’s also an active one that pays well, so it’s ideal for those who like to work with their hands while staying on their feet. A typical warehouse assistant job involves packing orders and checking items for quality, handling incoming and outgoing deliveries, and organizing stock and inventory. If you can do all of the above, proof of experience is not often necessary.

Job description: A massively in-demand skill within the digital and e-tail industries, social media marketing helps spread the word about a company’s products or services to millions of content-hungry followers around the globe. 

Job description: Working in a nail salon or spa in The Philippines is a great way to earn easy money. Skilled manicurists and pedicurists who are proficient at filing, buffing, and designing nail art are invaluable to many businesses––especially those that cater to Western tourists. As always, if your talents are good enough, you can get work without experience.

Job description: The Philippines has many entry-level positions available for representatives with little to no experience who can manage the overflow of inbound chat and telecommunication questions and provide seamless, qualified assistance. Companies typically provide training to those with solid communication and problem-solving skills, and the pay is usually quite high. 

Job description: A popular tourist destination, many hospitality workers and business people require exceptional English language skills in order to advance their careers. As such, there is a heavy market for bilingual job candidates who can teach English to adults and children. Language skills are essential in major metropolitan areas like Manila and Luzon––so as long as you can speak fluently, employers will likely forgive an absence of work experience.

Job description: Retail jobs in The Philippines involve simple work that often doesn’t require any previous sales experience. Instead, stores are frequently looking for motivated and energetic people to welcome and assist customers, stock merchandise, clean, and organize. Working as a retail assistant often comes with a staff discount, which is a great perk.

Job description: Receptionist jobs are frequently available in The Philippines, due mostly to the fact that so much of the role is comprised of answering telephones, using organizational tools, and possessing solid interpersonal and communication skills –– things that many people are already familiar with. Additionally, receptionist jobs are great for building relationships in the business industry, and they provide good pay, sometimes same-day, with little to no experience necessary. Reputable businesses will train you and provide valuable career skills for those looking to grow. 

Job description: Food service is one of the most popular positions in The Philippines for those looking for entry-level work that comes with major perks. Most serving jobs don’t require experience and, if it’s a reputable place, they will provide you with foundational training. Plus, you often get to enjoy a free meal on your shift. These jobs are typically fast-paced, but the communication skills (and tips) you’ll develop make it a worthwhile option.

Job description: Visual merchandisers in the retail industry oversee many of the crucial business decisions that impact a company’s overall brand. Some will have degrees in marketing or business, however, like many in the creative field, a solid portfolio of work and a keen eye for style will often trump work experience, landing qualified candidates junior positions where they can learn and grow.

Job description: Cleaners play a pivotal role in ensuring that homes and businesses are maintained and aesthetically pleasing at all times. Landing a job as a cleaner in The Philippines is simple enough, provided you have a work ethic and can effectively and efficiently use your time to scrub, polish, launder, wash, and dry. No experience is rarely if ever, needed.

Job description: One of the best examples of entry-level, no-experience work is that of skilled delivery people who can ferry packages, letters, and other goods from one area to another. Couriers keep cities and economies running and they, like bike messengers, are invaluable positions for those looking for an easy way to make money with limited to zero experience. 

Job description: One of the most popular entry-level jobs in The Philippines, bartenders carry with them a very cool reputation among restaurant workers –– if you are of legal age and know how to craft cocktails and sling suds then this is an exciting venture wherein you will likely meet all kinds of interesting people. 

Job description: Given the increase in ride-sharing services, not to mention traditional taxicab companies, driver jobs are always available in The Philippines––and often without any proof of experience required. Knowledge of the city streets and detours is essential, but so too is a clean driving record, license, and depending on the service provider, additional training and registration. 

Tips for Getting Hired in The Philippines with No Work Experience

Landing a job in The Philippines without having any experience can be challenging since you’re often competing with millions of other candidates who possess all of the skills that employers are looking for. In order to best stand out from the pack, follow these helpful tips:

  • Start with an online job board –– GrabJobs is the best site for sourcing no-experience, entry-level positions available in The Philippines.
  • Find a contact to get you an interview – if you are starting your job search with no experience, you’ll need some help, whether that’s a connection at your potential new job, or by using an online job board to help you get your resume to the right person. 
  • Have an exceptional CV – writing a resume and cover letter is never fun, but if you are lacking experience, you need to sell yourself to employers and convince them that you are right for the job. 
  • Practice for your interview – you’re almost there! Don’t forget to spend an extra amount of time preparing for your interview by knowing everything you can about the job, the company, and what you will bring to the role.
  • Follow up with a post-interview ‘thank you’ note – simple and straightforward. You can often stand out from other candidates just by sending a courtesy note to your interviewer, thanking them for their time. It’s all about leaving a great impression. 

Apply for The 20 Best Jobs in The Philippines That Don’t Require Experience

There you have it! The 20 best jobs in The Philippines that require little to no experience. Now that you have a better understanding of which skills are valued, and the salaries associated with some of the most in-demand positions in the country, you’re that much closer to landing an easy job of your own. Check out Grabjobs for easy, experience-free job opportunities in your country.

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