Top 10 Remote Work From Home Jobs in Saudi Arabia

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10 Best Remote Work From Home Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Top 10 Remote Work From Home Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Over the past few years, remote jobs have gained considerable popularity –– among both employees and employers alike. As a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, millions of people, who weren’t already familiar with working remotely, had to adjust to an at-home and/or hybrid working environment because of government mandates. And, resultingly, by late 2020 and into 2021, many of these employees had become accustomed to working the same job outside of the office as it facilitated, among other things, a greater work-life balance. 

There are plenty of pros to remote-first jobs, like: 

  • work flexibility: remote work means that you can physically work from anywhere, like coffee shops, network events, or the park 
  • no commute: less time in traffic means more time to get things done
  • save money: no need to splurge on take-out lunches, gas/transit fare or multiple coffee runs if working from home
  • more time with friends and family: be there for your loved ones –– even between meetings

But there are also cons to remote work:

  • lack of socializing: remote work is mostly solo work. Introverts can thrive on their own, but extroverts often need face-to-face time to grow
  • working too often: with no set office hours, many can spend too much time at their at-home desk
  • not working often enough: there are also many more distractions in the home that could hinder performance 

Companies have also taken notice of this trend, and many have shifted away from the 5-day-a-week pre-COVID in-office model, looking towards a more flexible at-home and/or hybrid format. Businesses have saved money on office maintenance and infrastructure costs –– and there are also studies proving that remote workers are more productive when they have authority over their own workload. 

Despite the above, remote work still might not be for everybody. Before you begin your at-home career search, consider the following:

  • What remote working skills are in high demand in Saudi Arabia right now? 
  • Which remote-first companies are hiring? 
  • What are some of the most popular remote jobs? 

We’ll break it down for you –– and share some additional tips on landing an interview. 

What Top Skills Are High In-Demand In Saudi Arabia For Remote Workers?

1. Finance

As one of the wealthiest countries in the Arab region –– and 15th overall –– Saudi Arabia’s natural resources and petroleum production makes it a haven for wealth. Banks, investment firms, and other businesses that deal in money management need remote candidates with strong financial and analytical skills. 

2. Information Technology

IT jobs are some of the most in-demand positions everywhere –– but especially remotely. That’s because qualified candidates with computer and technical problem-solving skills can work from just about anywhere for just about any company. 

3. Customer Service

Whether you’re looking to enter the travel, retail, tourism, or hospitality industries, having exceptional customer service skills, like a friendly and helpful demeanor, will help tremendously –– even if you are doing your work from home. 

4. Engineering

Owing to Saudi Arabia’s abundant natural resources, engineering jobs are in high demand, in-person or remotely. Candidates with solid engineering skills, like problem-solving, communication, mathematics, and computer science, can fill many of the opportunities available. 

5. Project Management

Project management skills are some of the most important to have at any time because they serve many purposes –– especially organization and efficiency –– across all types of industries. Many businesses throughout the Middle East and Saudi Arabia rely on Project Managers to remotely lead their teams to success.

6. Data Analysis

For those with experience in the financial, business, tech, or e-commerce industries, and who also possess the skills necessary to collect and effectively analyze a company’s data to gain useful insights, businesses in Saudi Arabia are looking to fill in-person and remote positions. 

7. Cyber Security

As online advances continue to emerge, so do hackers and professional cyber criminals looking to harvest data and steal information. Cyber Security, which focuses on how computer systems and networks can be protected from theft of electronic data, is heavily in demand throughout Saudi Arabia. 

8. Web Development

Remote workers with proficiency in writing for various computer programs, including HTML code, CSS, and Java, are essential and very much in demand throughout the Middle East, especially in Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh. Many companies with an online presence need Web Developers who can get the job done right –– even from home.

9. Graphic Design

Many of the most in-demand remote positions throughout the Middle East and beyond are computer-based. Skilled Graphic Designers have the creative skills needed to produce work for all types of businesses. And, provided they are equipped with the right design software, their jobs can be easily completed from anywhere. 

Top Tips For Applying to Remote Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Getting a remote job in Saudi Arabia is no more complicated than getting an in-person job. The difference is your willingness to adapt to an environment that many have been programmed to accept as normal. It might sound simple, but as we’ve seen, not everybody has fully embraced the shift away from in-office work. That’s why, if you are considering a remote job, it’s important to have all the information at your fingertips before applying. Here are some helpful tips before you begin your search:

  • Consider if remote work is really for you: this might sound like a no-brainer, but it’s one of the most important factors. Do you thrive in group settings? Are you more introverted and tend to do your best work solo? Do you have pets or children that would benefit from you being at home every workday? Make a list of your own pros and cons before you start applying.  
  • Know what employers are looking for in a remote worker: these types of businesses tend to value three qualities above all else: trustworthiness, reliability, and candidates with a passion for work. If you fit these criteria, you’re already heads above the competition.  
  • Spend some extra time proving you’re great: Again, remote jobs are just like in-office jobs in that you need a great resume and cover letter –– as well as a reliable and strong internet connection. Brush up on those interview skills and gather some great references. 
  • Find the right job board that advertises remote-only jobs: everybody needs a little help with their remote job search, so consider some of the best online job boards In Saudi Arabia that specialize in remote-work placement: 
  • Mihnati
  • Saudi Job Search
  • Akhtaboot
  • GrabJobs

Top 10 Best Jobs For Working Remotely in Saudi Arabia

Top companies hiring: Saudi Telecom Company, Gulf Taleed Commercial Services, Jeddah 

Salary range: SAR 50,000 – 105,000 per year

Job description: Information Technology (IT) Specialists possess extensive technical skills that enable them to enter a company’s computer network and identify, troubleshoot and resolve every imaginable technical hiccup. These roles are the lifeblood of any organization that uses computers and, as such, these in-demand roles are as effective remotely as they are in-person.

Browse IT Support Specialist jobs in Saudi Arabia on GrabJobs

Top companies hiring: NEOM, Kingston Stanley, Philips, Gulf Jobs Services

Salary range: SAR 150,000 – 400,000 per year

Job description: The supply chain industry consists of companies looking for candidates to oversee all elements of movement –– from distribution to storage –– of their goods. Remote Supply Chain (or Logistics) Managers in Saudi Arabia are becoming increasingly in demand. 

Browse Supply Chain Manager jobs in Saudi Arabia on GrabJobs 

Top companies hiring: Ernst & Young, Yasref, ARO Drilling

Salary range: SAR 130,000 – 320,000 per year

Job description: Skilled Cyber Security Specialists navigate through a company’s internal data systems and provide protection against compromised external sources. These remote jobs are in-demand throughout Saudi Arabia. 

Browse Cyber Security Specialist jobs in Saudi Arabia on GrabJobs

Top companies hiring: Saudi RE, Arabic Computer Systems, MultiMission Software

Salary range: SAR 130,000 – 340,000 per year

Job description: Systems Administrators use technical skills to effectively maintain the integrity of a company’s computer networks, as well as building websites, monitoring server connectivity, and optimizing performance. Many of these positions have become or are becoming fully remote throughout Saudi Arabia. 

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Top companies hiring: Xometry, Salla, Saudi Networkers Services 

Salary range: SAR 90,000 – 210,000 per year

Job description: An important role for any web-based business, Content Strategists (also called UX Writers) create and implement simplified copy that helps customers better navigate a desktop or mobile digital journey.

Browse UX Writer / Content Strategist jobs in Saudi Arabia on GrabJobs

Top companies hiring: IBM, Nejree, Oracle, Saudi Networkers Services 

Salary range: SAR 156,000 – 300,000 per year

Job description: These relatively newer job titles involve skilled candidates who can develop and implement policies for the use of web-based cloud services, as well as build secure environments and work with network developers to identify optimal cloud solutions. 

Browse Cloud Engineer jobs in Saudi Arabia on GrabJobs

Top companies hiring: Deutsche Bank, Saudi Telecom Company, Backbase

Salary range: SAR 150,000 – 500,000 per year

Job description: Given the free-flowing wealth in Saudi Arabia, remote Bank or Finance Managers are in high demand. These positions require candidates who possess a strong knowledge of investments and funds and who can also oversee the efficiency of their entire organization while being in charge of millions, sometimes, billions of other people’s hard-earned income.

Browse Finance Manager jobs in Saudi Arabia on GrabJobs

Top companies hiring: Saudi Architects, Petroplan, Saudi Aramco   

Salary range: SAR 95,000 – 200,000 per year

Job description: Electrical Engineers study the operations, design, and performance of major power systems and machinery. They possess strong technical, communications, and electrical skills as well as extensive training hours. 

Browse Electrical Engineer jobs in Saudi Arabia on GrabJobs

Top companies hiring: Mobily, Siemens, Arabian Centres

Salary range: SAR 18,000 – 50,000 per year

Job description: Many businesses outsource their customer service departments to areas of the Middle East. As such, Saudi Arabia has remote positions available for representatives who can manage the overflow of inbound chat and telecommunication questions and provide seamless, qualified assistance.  

Browse Customer Service Representative jobs in Saudi Arabia on GrabJobs 

Top companies hiring: Dar Al-Majd, SNC-Lavalin Fayez, Aramco Refining

Salary range: SAR 110,000 – 400,000 per year

Job description: Data Analysts collect, store and process information, including sales figures, market research, logistics, and other online behaviors, from businesses across various industries. Qualified remote candidates provide expertise and solid organizational skills to ensure the quality and accuracy of this data before presenting it to help organizations make better, more informed work decisions.

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Remote-First Companies Based in Saudi Arabia

This company, with headquarters in Riyadh, plus offices in Serbia and Austria, believes that great software should not just be available and affordable for large corporations, but everybody. Backed by dozens of reputable investors, this remote-friendly startup group provides engaging, state-of-the-art people-technology to organizations throughout the Arabic Kingdom –– and beyond.

It’s a great organization for employees looking to balance work with life –– PalmHR bills itself as a customer-centric team of individuals who love to work and play while maintaining sane hours that enable them to get the job done in their time.

Though headquartered in nearby Dubai, Careem has offices in numerous cities throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with operations in multiple countries throughout the Middle East. The handy Careem app provides ridesharing, food delivery, e-tail, or payment transferring –– all elements of everyday life, simplified and available at the push of a button. 

Careem made headlines in 2020 when employees were told to work from home indefinitely, embracing the remote-first ideal. And they’ve been going strong ever since. 

Apply for the Best Remote Work From Home Jobs in Saudi Arabia Today

There you have it! The basic principles of working remotely in Saudi Arabia: job tips, in-demand skills, and remote-first companies to consider. If considering a shift towards remote working, be sure to stand out from all other candidates –– know where the demand for remote jobs is highest –– and always be sure to brush up on the most popular remote-working job skills. And you’re sure to succeed. 

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