The Ultimate Guide to Part-Time Jobs for Students in Singapore

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Part-time jobs for students in singapore

The holidays are nearing and it’s during this time of the year that numerous part-time jobs for students start to open up! 

As the number of Covid-19 community cases start to decline in Singapore and the government inches towards its plans of Phase 3, more retail shops are expected to open too. That promises extra opportunities for students, like yourself, to take on part-time jobs during the holiday season again!

Why Should You Take On A Part-Time Job?

Part-time jobs are also one of the easiest ways for students to gain financial independence as they learn how to deal with and better manage their hard-earned money. It’s also a great source of pocket money!

Taking up a temporary opportunity also serves as a great way to build up on necessary soft skills and improve one’s portfolio! Being able to showcase your part-time work experience once you are ready to enter the working world can prove especially beneficial too!

In Singapore, 13 is the minimum legal age at which a child can start working and he/she can only perform light duties until the age of 15. Youths aged 15 years and older can begin working in industrial settings after employers have submitted a medical report and notified MOM. 

In this guide, we’ll be exploring everything one would need to know about part-time jobs for students in Singapore!

Which Part-Time Jobs Are Best For Students?

Part-Time Jobs

There are so many part-time jobs up for grabs for students who are looking to get hired. Opportunities range across work categories including retail, Food & Beverage, Administration, Events & Promotion, Warehousing and so many more!

What works best for each student may vary according to his/her educational background, work style preferences and interests. While one may prefer a job that is extroverted in nature and situated in an outdoor environment, another may prefer to work in a quiet, indoor office space.

Top 10 Part-Time Jobs for Students in Singapore

You might be wondering then: what are the top 10 part-time jobs for students in Singapore?
Well, here’s a collated list with bits of information accompanying each position.

Tuition is a very promising work sector for students who are looking to take on a part-time job in Singapore. Many take on this position as soon as they’ve completed the exams and are confident enough to teach their juniors.

The pay rates for tuition may vary vastly according to the students one may be teaching. For instance, higher rates of up to $35/hour can be charged for Junior College students versus $20/hour for secondary school students.

Tutors will need to be prepared with their teaching material and excellent at their delivery so that students can absorb the lessons and clear their doubts.

👉   Browse Tuition Teacher Part-Time Jobs on GrabJobs

One of the other available part-time jobs for students in Singapore is the role of flyer distributors. 

This can be an exhausting job position as it may require students to stand for long hours as they distribute the marketing materials out. Individuals interested in the position will also need to present themselves as approachable. Smiling and making eye-contact with your audience can definitely help. 

👉   Browse Flyer Distributor Part-Time Jobs on GrabJobs

The position of receptionists are also common part-time opportunities that students like to sign up for. Administrative work usually involves Microsoft Office skills that almost every student is already familiar with. Great chance to put your existing skills to good use!

👉   Browse Receptionist Part-Time Jobs on GrabJobs

The F&B industry loves to hire students to take on the front of house positions. Most outlets also provide training for newly-joined staff to help students familiarise themselves with the outlet’s standard procedures. A pleasant disposition is necessary for individuals interested in taking on the work of a waiter/waitress.

👉   Browse Waiter / Waitress Part-Time Jobs on GrabJobs

Very similar to the expectations posed by the above-mentioned position of waiter/waitress, students of legal age can also take on a part-time job as a bartender!

Many find it an exciting venture as students get to work in a club and learn how to mix drinks at their workplace.

👉   Browse Bartender Part-Time Jobs on GrabJobs

Now this is a part-time position that has been getting quite popular with the student demographic. There’s no need for you to qualify as an official influencer, really! Interested brands tend to reach out to you.

Students may have to attend promotional events and network with others. It goes without saying then that brand ambassadors will need to be great at socialising. Companies offer to pay up to $16/hour for the job too!

👉   Browse Brand Ambassador Part-Time Jobs on GrabJobs

Speaking of brands, some companies tend to hire students as sales assistants in efforts to boost their marketing practices too. Retail outlets, especially, like to hire students to assist the sales managers with store duties.

You may need to work at different outlets on different days, stand for long hours and interact with customers in a friendly manner. You do get to pick a flexible schedule that works to your preferences though

👉   Browse Sales Assistant Part-Time Jobs on GrabJobs

If you’re interested in a position that allows you to work indoors or remotely, you can consider the job of a telemarketer!

Rejection is a popular struggle with this job and you may need to be a little thick skinned to deal with harsh or rude customers.

👉   Browse Telemarketer Part-Time Jobs on GrabJobs

With popular brands like Grab, Foodpanda and Deliveroo on the rise, students can also look into taking on the job of a food delivery staff. Pay scales vary according to the mode of transport and distance travelled to deliver the item.The flexibility of time is a great plus for this position and you can take your breaks whenever you wish to do so!

Foodpanda currently has an opening for a delivery partner and you can get paid up to $24/hour. This pay rate excludes incentives that go up to $50/week! Apply for this position on GrabJobs here now!

👉   Browse Food Delivery Part-Time Jobs on GrabJobs

When huge sales events occur, like it might during the end of year sales period, you can also take on a part-time job of an event coordinator or helper! These may be short-stint positions that could last for as few as 3 days.

While the standing hours can be long, the pay rates tend to make up for the cons of this job!

👉   Browse Event Coordinator Part-Time Jobs on GrabJobs

How Many Hours Can Students Work in Singapore?

Part-Time Jobs: Regulations

According to the regulations posed by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in Singapore, a part-time employee should not be working for more than 35 hours a week. This rule is applicable to Singaporeans and Permanent Residents. 


With a typical pay rate of $8/hour and 35 hours of work time, a student can expect to make approximately $280 a week! 


For foreigners, or more specifically – for foreign individuals who are on a Student Visa, the rules applicable are different. During term time, they should not be working for more than 16 hours a week. 


Some foreign students cannot work in Singapore. This criteria is dependent on the institution that you may have joined. Private colleges have a different set of rules as opposed to government-run ones. As such, it is wise to best check with your respective institution should you have any doubts. 


Failure to abide by the rules can get one into serious trouble in Singapore! Therefore, be sure to double confirm the information you have with the relevant authorities as applicable to your own case. 


Which Part-Time Jobs Pay The Most in Singapore?

Part-time Jobs that pay the most

Students who are looking to secure a part-time job in Singapore should know that there are certain factors that need to be considered before one starts to work. You should be smart about choosing the right job for yourself so that it benefits you in the future too!

As we had mentioned earlier in the article, find a job that serves a specific purpose in your mind. For instance, consider joining a retail service or a Food and beverage outlet so that you can acquire relevant soft skills.

Alternatively, you could consider joining a firm that has more to do with your line of future profession or educational background too. This can help you to develop your portfolio with relevant work experience!

Considering these factors before you take on a part-time position can help you look at the bigger picture and reap in benefits for the future!

With that being said, one of the top priorities for most students remain the cash they can make.

So, which part-time jobs pay the most in Singapore then?

Here’s a table that sums it all up about some popular part-time jobs in Singapore: 


Skills Needed

Avg Hourly Rate


Public Speaking, Charisma, etc.

$ 50


Confidence, Patience, etc.

$ 20 – 35


Empathy, Patience, etc.

$ 17

Brand Ambassador

Marketing, etc.

$ 16

Banquet Server

Customer Service, etc.

$ 10

At the end of the day, the most important takeaway for students like yourself from this article should be the point we’re trying to make on work-life balance.

Yes! That is not a term and quality that only applies to working adults. In fact, it’s something that is just as equally important for students too!

Building up your portfolio with relevant work experience is commendable and important to a certain extent. However, your primary concern and efforts should still be focused toward your studies!

Dedicating energy to academics alone can exhaust some students. Taking on a part-time job above all the school work you have to do can possibly induce even greater fatigue.

As such, it is of paramount importance that you find time to give yourself a break every now and then too! Engage in a hobby or a cool-down activity to calm yourself when the going gets tough. This will help alleviate some of the pressure from getting to you.

Enjoy your school life and take things at a manageable pace. For once you enter the adulting life – as some call it, there’s no turning back

And there you have it – a complete and ultimate guide to part-time jobs for students located in Singapore!

If you have considered all the factors above and have made up your mind to take on a part-time job as a student in Singapore, why not give GrabJobs a visit to browse through some of the open part-time positions now?

GrabJobs is a recruitment platform and job site headquartered in Singapore. We focus on frontline worker jobs such as retail, food & beverage, and logistics amongst others.

We hope this article has provided you with some useful information on part-time jobs in Singapore. No matter the industry or the position, remember to visit GrabJobs to find a job opportunity in Singapore easily!

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