Why is Networking So Important for Your Career?

Why is networking so important for work?

Chances are that both you and I have had to attend work events at one point of time or another throughout our entire career lives. Some of us dread these socialising events where we are forced to mingle with other individuals. Some of us thrive in these social situations instead. Regardless of which category you fall into, today we’ll be discussing why networking is so important for your career!

Most individuals associate networking events as opportunities to trade information related to a business. However, networking has taken on a completely different meaning in the present day. 

In our modern world, networking presents individuals with the priceless chance to create new and long-term connections that can prove beneficial in the future. 

In this article, we’ll be exploring some of the reasons as to why networking is so important for your career. 

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If everything is looking good, let’s jump right in!

Why do you find networking important?

Reason 1: Avenue for new opportunities

Networking opportunities can often lead one to find new career opportunities too. By attending those work events you may not necessarily want to attend, you’re opening yourself up to the miracle of chances.

Career-minded individuals and head-hunters from numerous businesses may also be attending these events. All in hopes of meeting someone who may make the perfect addition to the formation of their dream team!

Such networking opportunities don’t come by too often. And when they do, they could essentially be the stepping stone you may or may not have known you needed all along!

Your attendance and some basic socialising skills is all it takes for these networking opportunities to function as avenues for newer opportunities. You never know what’s waiting for you out there 😉

Reason 2: Connections, connections, connections

Many tertiary educational institutions in Singapore have been adopting the practice of introducing their students to such networking events. 

This is usually done to help students get a feel of what it’s like out there in the real world; outside academics and curriculum activities. I was in school when I found myself attending such an event. I only realised what the basic purpose of this whole initiative was, after speaking with a lecturer. To connect!

These networking opportunities presented me, then-student, the chance to connect with others. This included professionals from various business backgrounds, industries and work sectors. On a normal day, I’m most likely moving in and out of classrooms,  working through assignments and projects. 

Attending networking opportunities allowed me the golden chance to connect with professionals. It also allowed me to study what they were looking for in their future/potential new employees. 

Speaking with them through such events further helped me to understand what they are looking for in soon-to-be graduating students like myself!

This broadened my mindset and I was soon introducing myself with resumes. Many of these professionals were providing me with their business cards to connect for an interview afterwards too!

For individuals who are already in the working sector, such networking opportunities can allow your company the chance to widen its portfolio of clients. These events can also allow you to connect with others who may be able to help you in specific fields of work down the road too. 

Being able to build new connections is one of the major reasons why networking is so important for your career!

Reason 3: Build your self-confidence

The third reason why networking is so important is due to how these networking events present you with opportunities to build your self-confidence levels up too. 

Socialising with other like-minded individuals at such networking events is inevitable. Why not look at it through a positive lens and make the best of it while you can?

After all, it’s not every other day that most of us get to go all out and meet other people as part of our work routine. Say hello, shake a hand, introduce yourself and find out what you have in common with these individuals. Find out how you guys are different too and how both of you can help each other out in the future too. 

Share about your ambitions and aspirations! Seek advice and support from those who may hold senior designations to that of yours. Search for ways to improve and better yourself!

And throughout the entire experience, don’t be shy! You’ll be building your self-confidence without even noticing! Oh, trust us! The perks to networking stay limitless 😉

And that’s 3 reasons why networking is so important for your career. The next time you get invited to one of those networking events, attend it! After all, you know the reasons why you should say yes without hesitating! 🙂

We hope this article has helped to share some insights about the importance of networking in this day and age.  

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