GrabJobs September Update – Singapore

It’s time to wake up, cause September has ended! What an incredible month it has been! New employers like PVH Group, Tapestry and many more are now posting jobs on our platform. Come take a look at what we accomplished this month:

F&B Clients

Paradise Group, Morganfield's and Mos Burger are Now Hiring on GrabJobs!
Paradise Group, Morganfield’s and Mos Burger are Now Hiring on GrabJobs!

Paradise Group

Paradise Group believes in investing in their people. Each individual deserves a learning and rewarding journey and are given a chance to improve their knowledge and skills to meet the challenges ahead. Employees are provided with incredible in-house training to help them adapt and excel in a positive and motivational environment. Additional training and courses are arranged for employees to constantly upgrade themselves. Paradise Group promises to ensure all your needs are taken care of, with mentors always ready to share and guide you anytime.

They are looking for dynamic and dedicated individuals who have a passion for customer service and food with a superior work attitude and high professional ethics. Employees are required to be able to meet challenges and use their skills to influence the outcomes.

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Morganfield’s is an American Blues themed restaurant that tells the story of the historical journey of modern America today. Morganfield’s combines the two greatest passions in life: Music and Soul Food.

They believe that their employees are priceless assets and provides them with a culture of developing them and investing in their talents. The staff are the ones who brings the restaurants to life. Morganfield’s is looking for highly-energetic individuals with a positive mindset, good attitude and always willing to learn. They require people who care about both customers and fellow employees, a self-motivated individual with the ability to communicate effectively and work independently.

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MOS Burger

M.O.S stands for

Mountain – to stand tall and firm like a mountain

Ocean – to have a heart that is as broad and deep as the ocean

Sun – to have passion like the sun that never burns out

Working with MOS Burger will give employees compensations, meals and uniforms are provided as well as medical benefits. Employees get to enjoy Company Dinners that gives them bonding time with their coworkers as well as Staff Discounts.

For Employees, they can have up to 2 yearly wage increments and good career prospects.

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Retail Clients

Club 21, Coach, Kate Spade and Calvin Klein are Hiring on GrabJobs!
Club 21, Coach, Kate Spade and Calvin Klein are Hiring on GrabJobs!

Club 21

Established back in 1972, Club 21 is Asia’s leading purveyor of luxury fashion. They focus on market development, brand development, brand guardianship, wholesale distribution, sourcing and vertical retailing that extends over 250 brands across 400 stores.

They are looking for employees who are committed to their job, self-motivated and prepared to deliver a rewarding experience to their clients, ensuring they return. Club 21 provides quality training and the opportunity to work with some of the world’s most prestigious luxury brands.

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PVH (Calvin Klein)

PVH is one of the most admired fashion and lifestyle companies in the world that powers brands, such as Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, that drive fashion forward.

They are committed to recruiting, training and providing career advancements to all associates with the promise of inclusivity. Diversity is always encouraged in PVH therefore all associates, regardless of gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality or social or ethnic origin will be accepted. Any form of harassment within the office is not tolerated.

PVH is looking for creative and innovative individuals who can add value to their corporation.

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Tapestry (COACH, Kate Spade New York)

An American Multinational Luxury Fashion holding company that is powered by optimism, innovation and inclusivity. They believe true luxury is a freedom of expression that ignites confidence and authenticity. Anyone from anywhere can have the best idea and with enough hard work and dedication, they believe anything is possible.

They are looking for passionate, dedicated individuals who want to help them create joy for the people they serve.

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Singapore Island Country Club is Hiring on GrabJobs!
Singapore Island Country Club is Hiring on GrabJobs!

Singapore Island Country Club

A well respected and professionally managed club, unequalled in Singapore with the best in class golf courses, excellent facilities and service. They provide warm camaraderie where the members are all proud of the Club’s status and heritage as the oldest and grandest golf and country club in Singapore.

With a rich history and strong camaraderie among its members, the SICC offers a challenging and enriching environment for those who aspire to excel in the hospitality industry. They invite suitably qualified candidates to submit a detailed resume indicating qualifications, work experience, current and expected remunerations.

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New App Feature

We would like to introduce a new directory feature on our app! This feature automatically gives you the directions from your current location to the work place.

This would definitely help job seekers better gauge the time needed to reach their destination as well as how to go about it – in just one click!

By clicking on the “how to get there” button (encircled in red), you will be redirected to a browser page (or a map app of your choice) with a full direction guide to any job location you may be interested in.

Job seekers can also choose to book a vehicle right away for scheduled interviews.

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