About Us


Aureumaex Metal consists of Aureumaex Industries (S) Pte Ltd, which was formerly known as Stamping Industries Private Limited (SI).

In 1981, SI was founded as an engineering firm making fixtures for integrated circuits (IC) manufacturers with a minimal turnover. By mid 1980s, SI diversified into metal stamping business which provided design, fabrication of precision tool and die, and, mass production of metal stamping components to customers.

Over the years, as business grew, SI has developed a wealth of expertise to provide higher value-added services and more comprehensive products to customers. We have grown from being just a metal specialist to a company that offers integrated products for various industries, giving customers one-stop convenience. Thereafter, SI has rebranded to Aureumaex Industries (AI) in August, 2014.

Today, AI have accumulated an unbeatable combination of experience and expertise to offer a total manufacturing solution that integrated precision metal and plastic components to customers. Our core competencies now include product design and development, stamping tool and die design and fabrication, laser-cutting, metal stamping, metal machining, sub assembly and final testing of products.

We have also extended our reach over the years, expanding our manufacturing presence regionally and globally. Currently, AI consists of three subsidiaries strategically located at Malaysia, Indonesia and China. This will enable AI headquartered in Singapore to focus on the high-tech operations, as well as the role of regional technical centre. It gives customers the benefits of working with a global partner to better manage their cost and supply chain management.