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“We select the best of the world and bring it to your table.” This is the way we operate and it has been like this for over 10 years. Each year we get better at it. We are the only fine food organization that is able to accomplish this across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. We know this because Chefs constantly tell us when they move across countries they want to keep contact with Classic, so they can operate at their best.

We love what we do. We are passionate about food and are delighted about our contribution to eating experiences – sensory, fulfilling and memorable.

We partner with the world’s best food producers in Europe, the Americas, Australia/New Zealand and Asia to offer products that are of the highest quality and integrity. This enables the creation of menus and recipes that will excite the most demanding of tastes.

CFF has invested in our own world-class sourcing organization in Rungis, France. We source products from amazing places, often made by amazing people. We work with our transportation partners to ensure that we can guarantee that products’ original quality is maintained from field to table and is available when needed. CFF is fully HACCP certified.