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sambaash 2.0 platform launched in 2010 is a social business platform that enables industries and enterprises to create and foster purpose-built online communities for their customers,partners and industry ecosystems.

sambaash enables enterprises and businesses to create and deploy their own purpose-built online communities by leveraging established social media platforms, which can enable its members to connect, communicate and transact through a pervasive local digital community. sambaash’s solutions have been deployed in a wide range of industries including travel, fashion, creative, healthcare, education, research, conferences & events and professional communities. The sambaash 2.0 platform adheres to Web 2.0 fundamentals and is deployed as a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Based in Singapore, sambaash was founded in 2009 by a team of highly experienced business and technology professionals who have successfully provided business solutions across Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Australia for more than 20 years at leading global enterprises. Apart from Singapore, sambaash also operates out of Redwood City, USA and London, UK.

Sambaash’s mission is to create and foster an online environment for business communities to collaborate and benefit from their collective knowledge and experiences. It means that we are constantly in the endeavour of enhancing our core product - sambaash 2.0 platform - a cloud based SaaS platform for industries and enterprise to create their respective communities.

Social networking is part of daily life for millions of users and businesses around the globe. Increasingly, businesses are realizing the necessity to engage the consumers directly instead of relying on the social network updates and are exploring various ways to leverage the online communities for commercial and competitive advantage.

sambaash 2.0 platform combines the social media, online communities and collaborative economy to enable your business to create and nurture your own purpose-built community.

Following are the objectives that the sambaash 2.0 platform intends to deliver to the community owners -

  • Create and Foster an Online Environment - In order to keep its members well-informed and well-connected, organizations realise the need to create an online environment so that its members can connect, network and collaborate.

sambaash empowers the organization to proactively engage their members to connect with like-minded professionals, build trusted networks & facilitate collaboration.

  • Extend to foster Communities - Most websites are one-way streets for information dissemination. Organizations need a robust infrastructure to create a community of targeted members, while integrating information from their enterprise operational systems to be utilized appropriately in the community by their members.

sambaash enables direct plug-ins into corporate websites so that organizations can extend their web to create a community to bring together its ecosystem of customers and partners to create cohesiveness and enable conversations.