3 Tips to Properly Manage Stress at the Workplace

How to properly manage stress at the workplace

There’s no doubt that most of us experience stress at the workplace sometime or another. As compared to the past, individuals these days stand a higher chance in facing stressful situations. If this sounds all too familiar, here are 3 ways you can properly manage stress at the workplace.

It is especially important that we learn how to keep ourselves stress-free. This is so as to help us lead the best possible life ahead. 

In this article, we’ll be exploring some ways to help you figure out how to set up a remote work career for yourself! 

As always, check the rules and regulations detailed on the MOM webpage to be sure that you are abiding by the law when working in Singapore. If ever in doubt, contact them either through an email or phone enquiry to ask your questions. 

If everything is looking good, let’s get right into it!

Which tip do you find the most useful to properly manage stress at work?

Tip 1: Plan and schedule your day

One of the tried and tested methods to get ahead of stress is by planning and scheduling your day. With respect to the tasks that are waiting for you, learn to prioritise them based on its urgency. 

Be sure to roughly calculate and set aside the required amount of time for each of these tasks on your list too. Blocking off a certain amount of time for a specific task can help you stay better on track. 

With that being said, it does not mean that you have to power through all your work one after another. It is important to also take a break every now and then to remain productive, yet stress-free. (More on that, later!)

Planning and scheduling your work before you officially start the day, is one way to effectively manage stress at the workplace!

Tip 2: Learn your distractions

Many of us tend to get stressed at work because of all the tasks that have sneakily piled up on us. But, how did all that work turn into one big pile of stress-inducing mess?

The culprit is probably the distractions you have lying around your workplace itself! This could include your mobile phone or those other tabs you have opened on your desktop. 

It could also be other items waiting on your to-do list at work! The best way to cut down stress in this instance, would be by learning your distractions. 

Find out what makes you take that unnecessary 10 minutes break which eventually goes on for an hour or more. Learn to identify the small triggers that set you off your productive work track. 

Then, cut them out of your routine! If it’s your phone that’s causing the trouble, you could place it at a reasonably distanced-space from your work table. This way, you would need to physically get up to use the device. 

This could make you realise which situations are urgent enough for you to actually use your phone. I’ve personally tested this out and trust me, it works! 

Tip 3: Pause and take a break when you need it

Humans like me and you are not programmed to function like machines. We simply cannot run on adrenaline or productivity forever. 

This also means that when we’ve done our fair share of work, we will have to hit the pause button and take a break. It’s okay for us to relax every now and then. 

One way to properly manage stress at the workplace is by ensuring you are leading a healthy life. How to do that?

Get enough sleep the night before you turn up for work! Spending sleepless nights working and then waking up to do the same kind of work is just not good for you. In the long run, it could lead to a myriad of problems – both health and social. 

While at work, after completing each item on your to-do list, take a 5-10 minutes break! A stroll around the office itself will be good enough to stretch out your muscles. It will also be great for your eyes to take some time away from the screens too. 

As Danzae Pace so aptly put it, “Stress is the trash of modern life; we all generate it, but if you don’t dispose of it properly, it will pile up and overtake your life.”

Pausing and taking a break when you need it is yet another way to properly manage stress at the workplace. 

And that’s 3 tips as to how you can properly manage stress at the workplace. If you have been wondering how to deal with all that negative energy from piled-up work at the office, we hope this article is of help to you!

After all, you know the 3 easy ways to help you effectively manage stress at work now 🙂

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