6 Signs To Be Aware Of When You’re In The Wrong Career Path

Most of us were told that if we studied a career we liked, we would find a path that would eventually take us to career fulfillment. However, this isn’t always that way. Once we’re working, we’ll face all types of job situations; some we may like, and some we don’t. We all know that having a bad job isn’t the most enjoyable situation ever. But how can you tell when you’re on the wrong career path? In this guide, we’ll show you some reasons to leave your current job.

Sign 1 - You’re Feeling Trapped

The feeling of being in a cage at work isn’t necessarily a rare thing. Everybody has experienced it at least once. However, what indeed is concerning is the constant feeling of being trapped. When this emotion doesn’t go away, it is a red flag to warn you that this job might not be for you. Some people feel motivated when working at the office, and others just don’t enjoy being in that kind of environment. They’re both in their right to choose their preferences, so it’s time to ask yourself: Is that a place where you’d like to spend eight hours a day all week? If the answer is no, then you just discovered a warning sign that it’s time to leave your current job.

Sign 2 - Your Boss is Always Unsatisfied

Having challenges at work is something that makes some people passionate about their profession. They usually want to prove to themselves they can overcome those challenges, which is a positive thing because it makes them ambitious and problem solvers. The issue begins when their boss is never satisfied with their work regardless of the effort. If you’re going through the same situation, don’t blame this on yourself and try not to take it personally because this could otherwise hurt your mental health. These types of bosses are abusive, so you shouldn’t allow this type of behavior. If this is your case, you should consider leaving your job.

Sign 3 - Your Salary Is the Problem


Maybe you’re not even trapped in a job you don’t enjoy; perhaps you indeed like it, but it’s your salary that’s making you uncomfortable. Let’s be honest. Although having a career that you’re passionate about is essential, it’s also essential for you to have fair compensation.

Remember that career fulfillment isn’t only about things like having an enjoyable job, but also about the financial aspect. So, if you’re feeling you don’t have the appropriate wage, it may be time to consider looking for another job.

Sign 4 - The Work Environment Is Awful

Something that people usually neglect when it comes to looking for a job is finding out about the job environment. There are many review websites like Indeed or Glassdoor, where you can find out about your future employer’s reputation among their employees. However, it may be time to leave if you’re already working there and you notice malicious behavior like:
  • Abusive co-workers or boss
  • Your manager doesn’t take you into account
  • Stealing or robbery among your co-workers
  • Other negative issues in the company’s workplace culture

Sign 5 - You’re Not Doing What You Were Hired To Do

Every now and then, we get asked by our managers to do specific tasks that don’t necessarily correspond to our duties. This is fine as long as it doesn’t happen too often. However, some abusive employers do this all the time. They believe their workers are all-purpose employees, and this is malicious behavior. Don’t stay there for too long if you think this is happening to you. This is why it’s so important to clarify the specifications of the work during the interview. Technically speaking, you shouldn’t be doing any tasks that you weren’t hired to perform.

Sign 6 - You Don’t Feel Free to Share Your Opinion

When it comes to the workplace environment, one of the most crucial factors to consider is freedom of speech. You should be able to express your opinion or otherwise, you’ll definitely feel trapped in that job. Being able to share your thoughts isn’t only beneficial for you; the company also benefits. Express your opinion if you’re saying something constructive for the company. Having many opinions could help your team find better solutions and use your strengths to act creatively. If you’re not feeling valued, talk to your boss about the issue and maybe both can find a solution. However, if you’re not able to share your ideas after that, then you’re not in the right job.


Realizing that you’re on the wrong career path might not be easy. But you need to know that there is never a right time to leave your job, it will always feel challenging.
Yet, you should allow yourself to live new experiences if your current job is not the perfect match. One of the major signs that it is time to leave is that you’re feeling overly negative about work.

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Valentin Berard

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