6 Things You Can Learn From A Part-Time Admin Job

Looking for a part time admin job? Learn why and how part-time admin jobs can help your career in the long run!
part time admin jobs

A part-time admin job wasn’t particularly something that was well-regarded amongst many employers in the past. More often than not, employers used to assume that it was just an irrelevant summer job, taken on solely as a source of an extra income. 

In fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that admin roles, especially part-time jobs, were seen as lowly-skilled. And hence, unimportant when it comes to reviewing your resume.

However, that mindset has recently been changing! Just like how retail jobs can help you in your career by showcasing your customer service abilities, a part-time job in admin can also be an asset to your long-term goals. 

Here’s an article that looks into more detail on the topic. 

1. Admin work is the heart of all organisations

When you work in an administration department, you quickly learn how the organisation functions. The main responsibility of an administrative assistant would be to increase efficiency among all the different departments within a company. As such, the daily workload of administrative assistants would revolve around crucial procedures and duties.

You’ll find out what time the cutoff for the daily mail is and the timeline for processing claims and invoices. You will also learn the fastest ways to get administrative work done too!

All these factors are standard practices that are commonly adhered to by most agencies. It is also applicable, regardless of the industry that a particular firm is set in. 

As such, an admin job will continue to be useful regardless of whichever organisation you work in. Undoubtedly, it will also make you an asset to other teams.

2. Proactivity

Proactiveness is always seen as a positive attribute by numerous potential employers. Being able to complete administrative work easily will earn you much-needed respect in your future workplaces. 

With proactivity, you’ll be able to do administrative work without involving other departments or staff. Hence, making you pick up administrative duties quickly. Don’t underestimate how useful this skill can be as it can show you how mail carriers work across the country.

Previous experience in admin also teaches you the patience to finish manual and repetitive tasks while exploring quicker ways at the same time!

As such, this proves that a part-time admin job can be especially useful for employees in the future.

3. Build connections

As was mentioned earlier, administrative staff speak to everyone. This is because their job role requires these individuals to liaise with multiple departments. Hence, they’ll be connected to office secretaries, logistics carriers, vendors, customers, as well as other office staff. 

This role gives administrative staff the opportunity to make contact and connections with a wide variety of people. Networking opportunities for admin staff come by all the time too!

At the same time, administrative assistants can leverage these previously established relationships in the future when they need a favour or two from their possibly ex-colleagues. 

Working from the bottom up allows you to connect with everyone, and it’s easier to ask favours of others when you’ve been collaborating with them on numerous projects for a while now.

4. Gaining transferrable skills

Being in an admin role exposes you to a multitude of duties that could be found generally in other departments/work as well. 

Here are some skills that admin personnel are usually exposed to while fulfilling their job scope:

  • Handling invoices
  • Liaising with multiple departments
  • Organisation of data
  • Taking down meeting minutes
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office
  • Filing and recording of reports/other documents
  • Handling multiple tasks
  • Communication and planning with other departments

These skills are useful to have in most corporate office environments. The experience garnered will value add to your overall growth, should you decide to pursue a future job in the corporate world.

The transferrable skills you pick up from a part-time admin job, can thus, prove extremely beneficial in the long run too. 

5. Learn communication methods 

As we’ve gone through a couple of times above, communication is an inevitable aspect to an admin job. This is regardless of whether the role is a part-time or full-time one. 

As such, picking up communication methods that actually work, will be one of the many skills that you get to pick up as part of being a part-time admin employee. 

You may learn that sometimes, an email may not garner you an immediate response with certain individuals. Giving these staff a call or alternatively, arranging a physical meeting with them to obtain the material you need, may work better in your favour. 

Working a part-time admin job can thus help you pick up essential and effective communication strategies that can be applied in your future jobs!

6. Teamwork

Regardless of which industry or firm you join, teamwork is an especially vital quality every organisation will need to have. This essential value is not only necessary between different departments, but also between each employee at the firm. 

Being a part of the admin job usually helps you to take a better look at the big picture. This is because you get to witness how all the effort from so many individuals tend to come together. 

After all, teamwork makes the dream work! 😉

desk showing the tools you need to work from home

And there you have it! A compiled list of 6 things you can learn from a part-time admin job.

With so much to promise, taking on a part-time admin job seems to offer quite the experience! We hope this article has helped to provide you with some clarity as to what you can expect from taking on the job too. 

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