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Have you been thinking about working a part-time job lately? Perhaps, you’ve been looking at part-time opportunities within the admin, retail, F&B, or other sectors?

A part-time job may seem like an easy way to make some extra cash while pursuing your educational goals. Alternatively, maybe you’re thinking about taking on a part-time job on top of your full-time responsibilities to reel in some extra cash.

Well, here are some myths and facts that you might want to look into before working a part-time job. Let’s set some expectations straight about the reality of part-time jobs!

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Myth - It’s A Brainless Job

Some think that a part-time job is just an easy way to earn money during their free time. Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as that! Even if you decide to pick a role in retail or admin where you’re mostly located in a single spot, it doesn’t mean that your work doesn’t matter! 

Every role requires a certain level of skill in order for you to be efficient and effective. If you don’t take the time needed to do well at your job, you won’t be able to keep the job for long. Let alone, possibly parlaying that role into a better position in the future.

More importantly, the repercussions of being bad at the role can be long-lasting. If you don’t manage the cash register properly, for example, that could lead to a problem with accounting. This even would then = call into question your work conduct. 

Similarly, dropping the ball while handling administrative matters could result in miscommunications at the company. This could then come back to haunt you in the future.

Myth - It’s Only A Few Hours A Week

Oftentimes, when planning for part-time roles, you have to chat with the company to decide the number of hours you’ll work every week. This is communicated in advance, so that you can commit, say, 20 hours a week. 

However, that may have to change in the future. In reality, you might have to do more than 20 hours a week when the workload gets heavy.

For example, retail shop assistants usually have to take care of closing. That would technically happen at 9.30pm, when the shop officially closes. However, when there are customers lingering in the store, or when you have to take stock, that could drag on to10pm. 

Alternatively, working a part-time job during the holiday season can also require you to take on additional shifts at work. This is usually asked so that companies can deal with the festive crowd. Your initially promised working hours, may face an extension in similar scenarios. 

As such, factors like the above may not be included in the calculation of your work hours. 

With that being said, ensure that you don’t end up over-working yourself either! Legally speaking, a part-time employee should work less than 35 hours a week. 

Be advised that a breech of this law is in direct conflict with the Ministry of Manpower’s rules and regulations in Singapore! 

Myth - You Need To Know Everything When You Join

Sometimes, figuring things out as you go may be the only way things work out in the long run! 

With every job, there are some work responsibilities you will have to abide by, right from the start. That being said, not everyone is born with all the knowledge to a specific job! 

Take things slowly and most importantly, ask questions when in doubt! There’s no better way to learn. 

student tired of working

Fact - You Will Be Tired

For students, it will not be easy to work and study at the same time. You’ll need energy to study and handle your exams, but you’ll also require that same amount of energy to handle your work responsibilities. 

Expect some exhaustion and stress, which will take some getting used to. Your brain will be twice as busy learning, after all!

Fact - Your Social Skills Will Be Tested

Whether you’re working in an office, a shop or a cafe, you’re bound to meet new people. 

While this can be trying, it’s also a great method to learn how to socialise with different groups of people. After all, this is a skill that you’ll need to pick up sooner or later!

As an F&B crew personnel, you’ll need to handle multiple orders for different groups of people. You’ll also be able to connect with regular customers who come in every day.

Jobs that require customer service skills tend to demand the use of this skill a lot more than other positions. Remembering the golden rule that “a customer is always right” can prove helpful in your interactions with them. 

When working a part-time job, you’ll learn how to talk your way around complicated situations too.

Fact - You Will Need To Multi-Task

Part-time jobs are tough because they usually involve the need to multi-task. This can be especially true for students. 

From keeping track of your list of projects and deadlines, to studying for exams and maintaining your work schedules, there’ll be a million and one things on your to-do list! 

As such, time management will be an essential skill you’ll learn while working a part-time job!

And there you have it – a list of some myths and facts about working a part-time job in one article!

With so much to promise, working a part-time job seems to offer quite the experience! We hope this article has helped to provide you with some clarity as to what you can expect from taking on the job too. 

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No matter the industry or the position, remember to visit GrabJobs to find a job opportunity in Singapore easily!

Reshma Sharunlal

Reshma Sharunlal

Content Writer and Marketing Associate at GrabJobs, with over 5 years of content writing experience on different topics such as Recruitment, Technology and Finance. She enjoys spending her time writing anything from poems to screenplays, and everything in between. She also finds joy in reading novels, baking and catching movies with her family. Read more:

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