3 Questions You Can Ask Your Interviewers The Next Time Round

3 Questions You Can Ask Your Interviewers The Next Time Round

“Do you have any questions for us?” That one question every job candidate gets asked as they near the end of an interview session at their possible new workplace. To help you avoid dreading it at your next interview, here are 3 questions you can ask your interviewers the next time round!


No matter how much effort one puts into preparing for an interview, this question always seems to momentarily get the better of us. Well, none of that jitters and stutters anymore. 



In this article, we’ll be looking at some sample questions – as well as answers – you can shoot right back at your interviewers in the future. Attend that job interview feeling prepared and confident 🙂

Which of these 3 questions to ask your interviewers will you be using in the future?

Word of advice

As an individual who is looking to get hired in Singapore, it is important to ensure that you are abiding by the rules and regulations as stipulated by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) when working locally. There are certain factors you will need to consider when making such a decision. 

Some of these factors include the Central Provident Fund contributions, applying for specific pass types for different categories of employees and your daily/weekly working hour limits. 

If you ever find yourself in doubt on the topic, feel free to contact the customer service staff at MOM. You can do so either over an email or a phone enquiry to have your questions answered.


Better to be safe than sorry, after all! Lest the slight negligence costs you or your company its license to operate/work in the country!


If everything is looking good, let’s jump right into the piece!

1. Can you tell me more about the day-to-day duties I can expect of someone in this role?

This is one of those questions that you can ask your hiring manager or potential employer right off the bat. The information they provide as they attempt to answer this question can help you get a better idea of what may be expected of you, should you be hired. 

It can detail who you may need to report to or what you cannot avoid doing as part of your job responsibilities. The answer can also lead you to determine whether or not you feel if this job opportunity matches what you are searching for in a job too. 


Your interviewers’ response to this query can also reveal a little bit of insider information on the company’s workplace culture. Assess these replies to see if the firm matches your expectations too!

2. What were some of the challenges you've seen previous employees in this role experience?

In other words, this is one of those questions you can ask your interviewers to find out some of the problems you can anticipate from taking on this role too. 

When asking this question during your interview session, you can also expect to find out why this job can be both rewarding and difficult. Getting an insider’s perspective on the matter can perhaps provide you with a more balanced and holistic idea. 


If you are forward looking by nature, asking this question can also help you think in advance of some ways to curb said difficulties. After the confirmation of your post, you could even discuss methods to avoid such problems from taking stage again.

3. How will my performance at this role be measured?

This is yet another one of those interview questions you can ask your interviewers the next time round. Finding out more information as to how your performance at the firm will be measured is an important gateway to understanding your responsibilities. 

Will there be weekly or monthly check-ins with a particular superior or will there only be a periodical chat to ensure everything is running smoothly? 

Will there be annual performance review sessions? Or maybe an “employee of the month” system that will be monitored through quarterly or yearly reviews?

Asking this question can also help you get more specific answers on how to excel at this job role. In the event where you may not be offered the opportunity, you still get to walk away with information that can help you at your next job!


After all, identifying the ways your performance will be measured is one way to ensure that you can make sufficient space for professional growth and development too.


And there you have it – a compiled list of 3 simple questions you can ask your interviewers at your interview the next time round. No need to panic and force out questions that don’t value add to your chat with the employer or hiring managers!

We hope this article has helped to calm some of your nerves as you look forward to joining a new firm or the workforce. We wish you the best of luck!

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