10 Best Companies to Work for in Argentina

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Companies to Work for in Argentina

10 Best Companies to Work for in Argentina

Argentina stands as a thriving economy marked by a diverse range of exceptional companies and robust industries. From global market leaders to local powerhouses, these companies have made substantial contributions to the nation’s economic prosperity. Meanwhile, Argentina’s industries demonstrate resilience and drive, shaping the country’s business landscape. 

In this article, we present a meticulously curated list of the top 10 companies to work for in Argentina, spanning key sectors including e-commerce, technology, energy, and finance. Moreover, we delve into the top 10 industries that serve as the backbone of Argentina’s GDP and employment landscape. Join us on this exploration as we shed light on the leading companies and industries that epitomize Argentina’s dynamic and prosperous business environment.

10 Best Places to Work in Argentina

Industry: E-commerce and Technology

Number of Employees: Over 15,000

About the Company: MercadoLibre is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Latin America, offering a wide range of products and services. They also operate an online marketplace, payment system, and logistics network.

Why Considered Great: MercadoLibre is known for fostering innovation, providing a dynamic work environment, and offering opportunities for career growth. They have a strong presence in the region and are a recognized leader in the industry.

Industry: Technology and Software Development

Number of Employees: Over 16,000

About the Company: Globant is a digital transformation company that provides software development and IT consulting services. They specialize in areas such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and user experience design.

Why Considered Great: Globant is highly regarded for its innovative projects, emphasis on employee development, and inclusive company culture. They offer diverse career opportunities and have a global presence.

Industry: Energy and Oil & Gas

Number of Employees: Over 20,000

About the Company: YPF (Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales) is the largest energy company in Argentina, involved in the exploration, production, refining, and distribution of oil and gas products.

Why Considered Great: YPF is considered a great company to work for due to its significant role in the energy sector, investment in sustainable practices, and opportunities for career advancement. They also offer competitive compensation and benefits.

Industry: Online Travel Agency

Number of Employees: Over 3,000

About the Company: Despegar.com is a leading online travel agency in Latin America, providing services such as flight and hotel bookings, car rentals, and vacation packages.

Why Considered Great: Despegar.com is considered a great company to work for due to its dynamic work environment, innovative approach to travel services, and emphasis on employee well-being. They offer flexibility, employee perks, and opportunities for growth.

Industry: Manufacturing (Steel)

Number of Employees: Over 20,000

About the Company: Tenaris is a global manufacturer and supplier of steel pipes and related services primarily for the oil and gas industry. They are known for their high-quality products and advanced manufacturing processes.

Why Considered Great: Tenaris is highly regarded for its technological advancements, commitment to sustainability, and global market presence. They provide employees with opportunities for professional development and a supportive work environment.

Industry: Banking and Financial Services

Number of Employees: Over 14,000

About the Company: Santander Río is one of the largest banks in Argentina, offering a wide range of financial products and services to individuals, businesses, and corporations.

Why Considered Great: Santander Río is considered a great company to work for due to its stability in the financial industry, career growth opportunities, and employee benefits. They prioritize diversity and inclusion in their workforce.

Industry: Media and Entertainment

Number of Employees: Over 10,000

About the Company: Grupo Clarín is a multimedia conglomerate that operates in various sectors, including television, radio, print media, digital media, and telecommunications. They own numerous media outlets and are one of the largest media companies in Argentina.

Why Considered Great: Grupo Clarín is considered a great company to work for due to its influential presence in the media industry, diverse range of media platforms, and opportunities for creativity and innovation. They offer a stimulating work environment and the chance to contribute to shaping public opinion.

Industry: Consulting and Technology Services

Number of Employees: Over 10,000

About the Company: Accenture is a global professional services company that offers consulting, technology, and outsourcing services. They assist clients in various industries with digital transformation, strategy, and technology implementation.

Why Considered Great: Accenture is highly regarded for its reputation as a top-tier consulting firm, global reach, and commitment to innovation. They provide employees with challenging projects, professional development programs, and a collaborative work culture.

Industry: Aviation and Airline

Number of Employees: Over 11,000

About the Company: Aerolíneas Argentinas is the flagship airline of Argentina, offering both domestic and international flights. They provide passenger and cargo transportation services, as well as aircraft maintenance and ground handling.

Why Considered Great: Aerolíneas Argentinas is considered a great company to work for due to its prominent position in the aviation industry, travel benefits, and opportunities for career advancement. They value employee training and provide a dynamic work environment.

Industry: Conglomerate (Engineering and Construction, Energy, Manufacturing, and Mining)

Number of Employees: Over 50,000

About the Company: Grupo Techint is a multinational conglomerate with a diversified portfolio of companies operating in various sectors, including engineering and construction, energy, manufacturing, and mining.

Why Considered Great: Grupo Techint is considered a great company to work for due to its global presence, involvement in major infrastructure projects, and focus on innovation and sustainability. They offer diverse career opportunities, international exposure, and employee development programs.

10 Top Industries in Argentina

1. Agriculture and Agribusiness

Argentina is known for its agricultural sector, which includes the production of crops such as soybeans, corn, wheat, and beef. Agribusiness encompasses farming, livestock, and food processing industries.

  • GDP Contribution: Approximately 6.6% (2020).
  • Number of Employees: Around 1.4 million people.

2. Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry in Argentina encompasses various sectors, including automotive, machinery, textiles, chemicals, and food processing. It plays a significant role in the country’s industrial development.

  • GDP Contribution: Approximately 13.3% (2020).
  • Number of Employees: Approximately 1.5 million people.

3. Services

The services sector covers a wide range of industries, including financial services, retail, hospitality, telecommunications, information technology, and professional services. It is a crucial driver of Argentina’s economy.

  • GDP Contribution: Approximately 60% (2020).
  • Number of Employees: The services sector employs a significant portion of the Argentine workforce, but exact figures are not readily available.

4. Mining

Argentina has abundant natural resources, including minerals such as copper, gold, lithium, and petroleum. The mining industry focuses on the extraction and processing of these resources.

  • GDP Contribution: Approximately 4.2% (2020).
  • Number of Employees: Around 75,000 people.

5. Energy

The energy industry in Argentina comprises oil, gas, and renewable energy sectors. The country has significant oil and gas reserves, and there has been a growing emphasis on renewable energy development.

  • GDP Contribution: Approximately 3.8% (2020).
  • Number of Employees: The energy industry employs a substantial number of people, including those in extraction, refining, and power generation, but specific figures are not readily available.

6. Construction

The construction industry encompasses residential, commercial, and infrastructure construction projects. It plays a crucial role in infrastructure development and urbanization.

  • GDP Contribution: Approximately 5.3% (2020).
  • Number of Employees: Around 900,000 people.

7. Financial Services

The financial services sector includes banking, insurance, asset management, and other financial institutions. It facilitates capital flows, investments, and risk management.

  • GDP Contribution: Approximately 5.2% (2020).
  • Number of Employees: The financial services industry employs a significant number of people, but specific figures are not readily available.

8. Information Technology (IT)

The IT industry involves software development, computer systems design, IT consulting, and related services. It plays a crucial role in digital transformation and technological innovation.

  • GDP Contribution: Approximately 2.5% (2020).
  • Number of Employees: Around 120,000 people.

9. Tourism and Hospitality

Argentina has a diverse range of attractions, including natural landscapes, cultural heritage, and vibrant cities. The tourism industry encompasses accommodations, travel agencies, restaurants, and entertainment services.

  • GDP Contribution: Approximately 4.4% (2020).
  • Number of Employees: The tourism and hospitality sector employs a substantial number of people, but specific figures are not readily available.

10. Telecommunications

The telecommunications industry covers fixed-line and mobile telephony, internet services, and data transmission. It plays a crucial role in connectivity and communication infrastructure.

  • GDP Contribution: Approximately 4% (2020).
  • Number of Employees: The telecommunications industry employs a significant number of people. While precise figures may vary, it is estimated that the industry provides employment opportunities to thousands of individuals.

In conclusion, Argentina’s business landscape is a testament to its vibrant economy, driven by a diverse array of exceptional companies and thriving industries. The top 10 companies showcased in this article, spanning sectors such as e-commerce, technology, energy, and finance, represent the epitome of success and innovation. 

The Best Companies to Work for in Argentina

In summary, Argentina’s dynamic business landscape showcases a wide array of exceptional companies and thriving industries that drive the nation’s economic growth. The 10 best companies highlighted in this list represent the epitome of success, innovation, and career opportunities. 

Additionally, the 10 top industries underscore the diverse sectors that contribute significantly to Argentina’s GDP and employment landscape. If you are inspired to be a part of Argentina’s vibrant business ecosystem, take the first step towards an exciting career. Visit GrabJobs, a leading job portal, to explore a wide range of job openings and kick-start your journey in Argentina.

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